The Empty Theatre, Clue 1

The Empty Theatre, Clue 1

Space Station No Constructionby Mark Sargent
Check out his videos on YouTube

This is part of a series of clues that can help you get your head around both the
design of the flat earth system we live in, and who has been involved in the
deception to hide it from you.

The clue you have to look at is built upon another conspiracy that has been
around for decades, namely the space program. Most of those watching this are
aware of the varying theories revolving around NASA, the Apollo program, the
space shuttle, the international space station, and so on.

The clue itself isn’t based on one of these highly debated topics, but the lack of
one, more specifically, motion pictures based on actual events.

This, like others in the series, is something you can check out for yourself.
Everything you need to reference this is online. To begin, think of all the movies
involving space travel that you’ve seen in your lifetime.

You’ll start with the obvious, Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien, just to name a few. In
fact if you go through your own personal list, you could probably come up with
over 100 different off world movies without breaking much of a sweat. This part
is easy.

For the second group, try to come up with space movies that aren’t fantasy
based. You’ll get a list that has Red Planet, Gravity, Mission to Mars, 2001,
things like that. These films will usually take on a not so distant future theme
and where we could be down the road, and it’s still a pretty good sized list.
These first two groups of films are encouraged by the authority, because they
reinforce the globe model view through assumption. The entertainment system
demands that the globe view and solar system concept is a given, therefore, the
actual world view must also be true.

Or to put it another way, if you are using your suspension of disbelief as you
watch a movie like, say, Gravity, then subconsciously you are reinforcing the
movie right on top of the real world.

The more of these movies you watch and enjoy, the more the lines blur between
what you want to believe and what you actually know. Watch enough movies
about Mars, and you will be less astonished when NASA announces an actual
mission to Mars. Same with the moon, other solar systems, and so on.

Releasing the movie “2001, a Space Odyssey” in 1968, right before the actual
moon missions, was no accident. It took the greatest director of the time 5 years
to make and several people who saw the theatre screenings claim that many
military groups were listed in the credits, only to be removed years later.
But 2001 is just a side note of this clue. For those who really want to dig into
Stanley Kubrick’s hidden vision, I highly recommend the documentary “Room
237”[1]. A link to it is below, and also in the resources section at the end.

Now you are aware of the first two groups of space films. There are those that
contain generous amounts of fantasy, and those who try to paint our near future.
These two groups are easy to find.

The third group is the challenge, and again, that’s where things get interesting.
The moon missions concluded in 1972, and even though it’s still considered the
greatest achievement by mankind, no fact based movies were made regarding it
until “The Right Stuff” was released in 1983. Now you might say that it had only
been 11 years and maybe it was tough to get the rights, and so on, but that’s not
what made the film interesting.

The movie ran extremely long for 1983, coming in at three hours and 12
minutes. It was an exhaustive look at the astronaut selection process, the
competition, and the training facility itself, but when the credits rolled thee hours
later, chronologically, they had only gotten to the low earth orbit missions. Just
for fun, Google the right stuff movie and see how many spacecraft you can find.
It won four academy awards, and did a great job at the box office, but the Apollo
missions were never touched.

The only other major motion picture that involved the actual moon program was
Apollo 13 in 1995, a full 12 years later. Apollo 13 only covered a single moon
orbit, with no landing or close up reference to the previous missions below them.
And after 1995, that was it. Nothing.

Hollywood is known for leaving no stone unturned with reboots and sequels to
nearly everything, yet in almost 60 years, there has never been a single moon
mission movie based on actual events. Hundreds of science fiction films
referencing it, everything from Superman to the Transformers, but literally
nothing that covers the moon surface. Six complete moon missions involving
multiple vehicles, moon buggies, playing golf, and no one wants to touch it.
Now to be fair, there was a TV miniseries in 1998 covering the subject. It was
produced by Tom Hanks who got involved after starring in Apollo 13. There has
been no professional production of any kind since then. Again, just for fun,
Google from earth to the moon TV series and see what you find.

The why is easy, and the clue revealed. If Hollywood makes a movie about the
moon landings, and it’s indistinguishable from the real thing, then how do you
know which is real? It raises some subtle questions involving stage technique,
and how long they have been in place. If Hollywood could fake it now, then
when did they first have the ability?

There is one other movie which stands out, and I mention it because I can’t
believe it ever got made. It is Capricorn One. The film’s plot involved the faking
of a Mar’s mission and how it could be accomplished. In short, it’s part of the
conspiracy world bible. I highly recommend it and the link is below[2] (and also
in the resources section).

To summarize, all space movies are encouraged by the authority, except for the
ones that are based on actual accounts. Those are not allowed. The moon
program has been buried in entertainment because the moon cannot be reached.
It’s either outside the barrier, or just a highly rendered image, like any planet you
see when entering a video game. The world is FLAT, and this is just one clue.
So do some of your own research, and ask questions!


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