The Rapture of the Saints

The Rapture of the Saints

by Rev. Duncan McDougall, M.A.

The great obstacle to the acceptance of the truths in this book will lie in the tendency of readers to
bridle or become resentful at what they think are libelous criticisms of undoubtedly faithful and
honorable men of God, a few if whom are mentioned by name in this work.

For instance: J Wyrtzen, O Greene, O Roberts and many other gospellers. Our hats are off to their
sincere endeavor in presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Salvation to a sin-degraded world.
Even if their combined efforts resulted in the saving of only one sinner, the pointer on the scales
indicates a positive quantity and the angels in heaven have been made joyous. An that, dear friend, is
quite probably more than either of us has done!

BUT, dear critic, dear young Bible students under the thumb of some dogmatic teacher of Romanist tainted Bible Prophecy, please listen.

You do not hire a butcher to build you a house, nor a boilermaker to repair your wife’s wristwatch, do
you? Why then get upset when people point to you that your favorite Gospel Preacher is a dud in the
Prophecy Department?

Instead of sitting there with your mouth agape and eyes popping as he tells you of dire events to come
in the Future, why not resolve to go right home to prove them. The Bereans, you know, did not trust St.
Paul even, but investigated him through the Scriptures. Why should you trust Wyrtzen, Graham, and
others like them, when they sneak unproved Prophetic statements into their stirring Gospel messages to
ruin them?


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