Foundations of Many Generations, part 1

Foundations of Many Generations

(Some editing for more accuracy.)


The destruction and consumption of civilization, as it has been
called, is now obvious to all, and the uppermost thought in the mind
of the majority is—What is to take its place?

To the Christian there is only one answer, for all who are truly
in Christ are as Abraham of old of whom it is written “For he looked
for a city, which hath foundations whose Builder and Maker is God.”
Can anybody say that God is the builder of Democracy
or Bolshevism? Take Democracy which is usually defined as the
rule of the people, by the people, for the people; this brings to our
remembrance the attempted rule of Korah, Dathan and Abiran, who
had gathered all the congregation against Moses. What else was that
but the voice of the people, or the voice of Democracy against God’s
ruling. But what was the answer of God ? “ The earth opened
her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all that
appertained unto Korah and all his people.”

The Christian ideal—which allows of no via media—is no
nationality in Christ, all aliens outside of Christ. Such a spiritual
Christendom must be built out of the present material, national, war
distorted Christless-dom. The choice between the nations is either
to find salvation by an internationalism of love in the truth as taught
by Christ, or perish.

Without this credo, Bolshevism would never have been able to
gain power, for only by denying the existence of God could they have
launched upon a wholesale massacre of the non-proletariat classes and
well-to-do farmers in order to confiscate all private properties. The
conscience must first be quenched for such a policy. Thus also ended
the Judia dispensation in the first century A.D. The lowest overthrew
and killed off the upper classes, who’indeed deserved such a judgment.
But how can a man like Stalin, who had once studied to become
a priest, justify his utter rejection of religion?

The answer, is by science, the falsely so-called science which
Saint Paul warns us to beware of.

In a speech made by Marshal Stalin, I quote the following:—
“They talk about science. The data of science have
always been tested by practice and experience…if it were
otherwise, we should have had no science at all, we should have
had no astronomy, and we would still have had to get along vsdth
the outworn system of Ptolemy ; we should have had no biology,
and we would still be comforting ourselves with the legend of
the creation of man.”

Copernicus’ theory of the revolving earth, and Darwin’s
“ evolution ” have therefore made possible the monster state of
atheism in Russia.

Yet these two theories are accepted as facts and taught in schools
in the Western so-called Christian states, and believed by clergy and
laymen, thus showing how impossible it is for them to accept and
believe the doctrine of Christ, and what hypocrisy is their profession of
such a faith.

We cannot deny that the attitude of the Bolsheviks is more logical
than the attitude of the Western Democracies, for if they do not believe
the Bible in its teaching of earthly things, neither can they consistently
accept it in relation to spiritual things.

“ If I told you earthly things, and you believe not, how shall ye
believe, if I tell you of heavenly things ?” John 3:12.
It was precisely this consideration that induced me to issue the
pamphlet “Scripture Versus the Fable of the Revolving Earth” in
April, 1924, which is now reprinted in this book. The next article
“The Policy of Constantine and its Decline ” was also printed in
London in August, 1924, to show the difference between the Christian
Doctrine and the canons initiated by the Emperor Constantine, which
canons are the basis of the civilization which is now in the process
of disintegration. Not having been planted by the Lord Jesus Christ,
it is now being rooted up, as foretold in the article in question.
The third work “ How are the Dead Raised up? And with what
Body do they Come?” was printed in answer to the book published by
the Church of England “ Doctrine in the Church of England” being
the report of the Commission on Christian Doctrine appointed by the
Archbishops of Canterbury and York in 1922.

Bolshevism on the other hand is supposed to be the rule of the
proletariat, but in reality it is the dictatorship of a very limited hierarchy
having for its foundation atheism.

Stalin’s credo is “ Communists who hinder the broadest development of
anti-religious propaganda have no place in the ranks of the party.”

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