Earth’s Ventilation System

Earth’s Ventilation System

FE Garden of Eden 3cSome globe earth believer might use as a criticism for the flat earth and say, “Where is the ventilation of the earth? The earth would build up heat if it’s enclosed.”

They have a point there. Think about it, if the earth was enclosed by a dome, which we believe, how would the heat escape? Well, there is an answer for this and that is there are vents. Think of a radiator for the car, the hot water has to leave and be cooled down, right? So, is there a like system for an enclosed flat earth? I think that there is. This is something that I have not seen addressed with all the flat earth videos I’ve seen and articles I’ve read but if you look hard enough in the Bible, you’ll find the answer.

With the sun always shinning on some part of the face of the earth does the heat build up? I don’t think anyone can say for sure, as the argument would be that there is darkness on the other part of the earth that will provide some relief for the earth. Also, there is the jet stream and there is the cooler temperature at high altitudes. This might be enough for the ventilation, but since we are mortal men, we really don’t know but I know someone who DOES know, and that is Yahweh God.

We read in the Bible of the door ways for the rain and the snow. Now, what are door ways but a vent, is it not? So, could it be that the heat goes through this? Keep in mind these are all educated guess – at least I hope these are educated, as we certainly are not told this by NASA. Now, could there be other vents? Here are some possibilities:

North Pole

There could be vents in the North Pole. Haven’t we heard of strange things coming from there? I had read many years ago of explorers in the 19th and early 20th Century that when you go beyond 70 degree North Latitude that when the wind blows from the North, it’s warm. How can this be unless it’s warm air coming from some place.


There could be deep underground vents that the air comes from. We know that there are some caves that we cannot find the end of it, such as Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, USA. They cave explores have gone many miles in and haven’t found the end. Wind Cave in South Dakota, where we are told there is a wind coming from somewhere inside. Who knows how many there are around the world.

With the caves in mind, do you know that it’s now “illegal” to go into unexplored caves in the U.S. You can go in something that is small and you can go into caves opened to the tourist but don’t go into others. Do you think the government is really concerned for your health and safety? No, but that’s a good excuse as any for them to us. The fact is, that just maybe they don’t want you to discover the earth is NOT what the government tells you.

Ocean drains

Another area to consider is certain “drains” in the oceans. We have read from somewhere off Norway in the North Sea that has been reported of great swirling sounds and a huge funnel sighted where the ocean is going down it. Naturally, after a time it returns. Now, this answers the question of what makes the tides BUT it could also be part of our ventilation system. Also, keep in mind that there are certain locations in the oceans where ships have gone missing without a trace of wreckage found. Even if wreckage was found, what caused it to sink.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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  1. Thierry says:

    Hello. The elites (at least they think they are) know that there is a firmament or a dome. Remember the different highjump and fisbowl operations. The rockets are mounted but the firmament is inviolable They are too proud to learn the scriptures and know that there are doors and windows, openings to renew fresh and salt water, the air. , wind, rain, hail. This is why they are really afraid of global warming (which will never take place except for the last days when fire will descend from the sky to set the whole earth ablaze. Thierry.


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