Satellites Have Nothing To Do With Transmitting Data

Satellites Have Nothing To Do With Transmitting Data

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I am a network engineer, I know how the network data is transmitted, mostly by transatlantic communications cables and cellular towers that not only are they used to triangulate locations but anything with a mac address on the grid but also to push internet to peoples homes, business from a central location to city to city. That what we call a network bridge or point to point network, a point to point network can only travel in a straight path between 2 devices. These devices have to face each other with nothing in between them or the signal gets lost, it very different from Wi-Fi that broadcast in a 360. The main device with internet source will been the internet to the other device as long as it is in a straight sight. So now that you know what the basic of a network bridge is and know that we can’t detect the curvature of earth, please listen to where i am coming from.

This device which I am about to show you is what on those cell towers we all pass up and are on the corner of high rise buildings, they beam internet/phone/gps signal from 1 location to another location using a their devices and repeat the process till the signal gets to weak and needs a to bridge the 2 distances, that when a cable line is ran to the new location so they can repeat the process again. The device is an airfiber antenna dish, and they attach a booster to increase the data transfer speed causing the distance of the signal to travel faster and further using this please watch the small glimpse of the video they have which shows how it beams the signal 300kl away or 186miles away and remember the signal can only travel in a straight line to where the other device is. This is impossible because at that distance we would have a huge drop in curvature and the signal would have been LOST and they have more powerful device out there that can travel further but these are the ones I’ve worked with. If you want to located towers near you use internet explore go to this website so remember when your diving in the city, look up at the corners of the building or cell towers for those network devices.

I find it hard to convince tech minded people of the limits of any technologies. So many of us have been convinced that science technology is better than we know. This often leads folks I talk with to a dead end where they believe “it is unknowable”. I also know antenna installers that worked in the army, networking new areas with satellite dishes as troops moved around. Even people that understand point to point very well, still usually tell me that gravity or some other mechanism is involved or that they don’t care. More over, all major internet traffic between countries still rely on cables in the ocean, while NASA claims to have 25 million mile range Wi-Fi (might be a different number). None of it adds up when you think about it from a common sense perspective.

What perplexes me, is how NASA can claim to send these signals to a Mars rover when everything is moving. Not to mention how diminishes would the signal be if it could reach that far. They must have repeater sats planted everywhere lol. Joke ofc. Has anyone got any information on the signal strength and parameters used to send to Mars? Guaranteed we can find flaws in any specs they dish out. Not to mention how big the actual transmitter would have to be. Let’s say for argument sake they could send a signal to mars and mars was a planet, how long would they be able to maintain a connection if everything is always moving? This is were it becomes really failed in my opinion. Its like pointing the transmitter at a speed boat that is constantly moving. Sure you might get signal as u traverse the signal, but to maintain a connection long enough, I simply cannot buy into that.


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    Another great read.


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