Exemption Documents For The Gene Therapy Shot

Exemption Documents For The Gene Therapy Shot

In the below links are documents that, hopefully, will make you exempt from getting the gene therapy (Co.vid shot). Download them, read them over and decide if you want to use it. These originally came from Gab (alternative social media site). They said that have been downloaded millions of times. Whether it is true or not, these are very important documents to share. Gab is also a great platform to be on. IF this site is ever taken down, you can be sure I will be posting more on Gab and other alternative media sites.

These document/forms are well researched as it pertains to law and medical research. There are also many links to other sites and videos as support. Do to the nature of such documents/forms, they are hosted on Google Drive. I rather lose a Google account than this blog site.

Vac.cine Employees Whose Employers Are Requiring

Vac.cine Exemption Full Military

Vac.cine Exemption Practical Side

Vac.cine Exemption Religious Practical Supporting Documents

Vac.cine Exemption Religious Side Supporting Documents

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