Talk on William Shatner’s Recent So-called “Space Journey”

Talk on William Shatner’s Recent So-called “Space Journey”

(About 18 minutes in.)

I was counting seconds from 300 feet and it took 10 seconds for that pod thing to hit the ground with all 3 parachutes deployed which means it hit the ground at roughly 30 feet per secons. That comes out to 20.5 MPH. What was Shatner’s back doing at the point of impact? If he was heads up, the top of his spine would have punctured into his brainial cavity. If he was on his back, his internal organs would have flattened because unlike a car impact where the crumple zones slow the car down, this thing was still in one rigid piece and therefore have transferred the entire force of impact, exposing him to about 1 G in addition to the ambient gravity of 1 G totalling 2 Gs. For comparison, MY OWN FATHER is about as old as Shatner and when he fell down ONE stair he ended up hospitalised with an aneurysm, massive bruising, all that. He’s since made a full recovery BTW.

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2 Responses to Talk on William Shatner’s Recent So-called “Space Journey”

  1. Richard says:

    I was laughing so hard when I saw him coming out of that fake capsule. I could not believe them people applauding and celebrating… The USA people are the easiest people to manipulate. If I go online, with a nice website, with all the pumps and circumstances video, showing that I found the cure to bring your body and face to look the way it did at 17 years old, and tell them that secret is to mix any soda drink with Bleach, they would jump on it, and I would become the richest man on earth before they found out they were deceit. By them, all I have to do is find the best Attorney that money could buy, bribe the Judge, and some politicians… and boom, I am free now to live life on the money taken from the easily manipulated people provided.


  2. Bill Tinsley says:

    It looked stupid!!! They launch a rocket and it goes up into so called space and after a few minutes it comes back down and everyone is celebrating and calling each other astronots!!!!!! How pathetic this show has become and people believe this stuff. Hahahahaha hahahahaha 🤣 😂 😂🤣😂😅🤣


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