What About The Antarctic Midnight Sun?

What About The Antarctic Midnight Sun?

The days in Antarctica are comparatively short to everywhere else on Earth, with swifter dawn and dusk periods also. From approximately May to July every year there is perpetual night and the Sun never makes it over the Antarctic horizon. They lie to us and claim Antarctica has a “midnight sun” like the Arctic, periods of many days/weeks of continuous sunlight as seen here:

You can find many such videos of the Arctic Midnight Sun online, but you’ll only find this one following, clearly fake video of the “Antarctic Midnight Sun” full of cut scenes claiming “the Sun never sets in Antarctica” which is a total lie. The Sun is never seen directly over-head at the high-noon position in Antarctica at any time during the year. In fact it barely rises more than 20-30 degrees above the horizon daily and never stays above the horizon for anything close to 24+ hours as it does in Arctic regions.



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  1. Richard says:

    I wish this channel good be translated into Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian…
    Most things you guys publicize here, I learned when in High School, including the material above…


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