Foundations of Many Generations

Foundations of Many Generations

A short excerpt from this old flat earth booklet.

Claudius Ptolemy, the great astronomer, had the advantage over
Copernicus in that he was a geographer as well as an astronomer,
whereas the latter held some dignities in the cathedral of Thorn in
Prussia. As a geographer Ptolemy knew the absolute importance of
the stability of the four cardinal points, outside of which topography
and accurate orientation are an impossibility. Now the four cardinal
points are fixed points in the sky, as acknowledged from time
immemorial, hence we are able, by them, to plot correctly any given
point on the Earth.

Logically it would be impossible, if the Earth revolved, to make
use of the cardinal points as fixed points in the sky, for the relation of
any given place in the rotating Earth toward them must continually
change. It would be like attempting to plot a point within a fast
running wheel of a motor car in relation to a fixed spot outside.
The force of this argument is sometimes evaded by saying that
the cardinal points of the compass are imaginary points, but that
will never do. The most exacting sciences are based upon the four
points of the compass, such as the science of survey, cartography,
and, of course, navigation. Millions have trusted their lives upon
this reality of the four cardinal points. When the skies are covered
the captain at sea has only his compass and his chart to guide him, and
the life of one and all on board depends upon the points of the compass
being a verity.

“ The North and the South Thou hast created them.”
Psalm, 89; 12.

Click to access foundations-of-many-generations-e.-eschini.pdf


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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