Does The Earth Rotate?

Does The Earth Rotate?

From an old flat earth booklet.


I t is said the diameter of the moon is about 2,160 miles,
and that of the earth about 8,000. It is also stated that
the moon’s motion round the earth works out 3.t about thirty seven
miles per minute, while in its journey round the sun
the earth travels along at about 1,080 miles per minute. Now
supposing the shadow cast by the earth on the moon is equal
to half its (the earth’s) diameter—4,000 miles is an outside
estimate, as the shadow would tend to converge. And if
these figures, given by astronomers of the earth’s and moon’s
motion are correct, readers will see it is impossible for an
eclipse to last in the moon’ for more than seven minutes,
although ellipses have been known to last for over four hours,
so that this shows the eclipse.- cannot possibly be caused by
the shadow of the earth’s rotation.

It is known that there are dark bodies in the heavens,
and eclipses may be caused by the periodical motion of one
of these. In any case, eclipses are no proof of the earth’s

It is argued that the shadow cast on the moon is generally
circular. A circular shadow is not necessarily cast by a
moving globe. It can be demonstrated in a room with one
light. Take a ball or orange and place a flat ruler, so that
its shadow is cast upon the ball, arid it will be seen that its
shadow is curved or circular, it could not be otherwise.
Again, where there is a gaslight with an ordinary mantel
over the kitchen table and with an ordinary plate or plates
underneath, although flat it throws a circular shade on the

Just a word as to the shape of the earth which I consider
flat but possibly round like an ordinary plate,.—as the seven
seas run into each other this is surely agreeable to a fixed, fiat

The earth can be circumnavigated, but it is no proof
whatever that it is a globe or rotating.


Astronomers tell us that we get our seasons by a daily
rotating earth to a fixed sun, but I maintain that this is
absolutely impossible.

Earth rotate

E on the sketch is England, L, Labrador, North America

On a 12-in. globe I possess, I find Labrador is on the same
circle as England, and assuming that the earth rotates daily
to a fixed sun, both countries should receive exactly the same
heat as each other daily, but do they? No!

It should be precisely the same as a joint of meat turning
before the fire ; that is, where it turns to the fire in the same
circle, such as the position of E and L in the illustration. The
joint of meat would of course receive the same heat at each
revolution to the fire, and certainly L could not freeze for
weeks at a stretch, while E was quite warm for the same period.
Readers, you can readily see that my theory is the correct
one, and that we get winter and summer by the sun travelling
over our fixed earth, and certainly not by the earth rotating
to a fixed sun.

Astronomers inform us that the sun is at a greater distance
from us in summer than it is in winter, as may be seen in
orbit illustration in school book. Can anyone imagine a
more unreasonable proposition? There might have been some
reason in the theory, if the earth had made one revolution
in twelve months, for then if the sun had been a fixture and
it took the earth six months to rotate half the way, and this
half of the earth turning before the sun would have given
some reason for concluding that the other half of the earth,
that had not come into position, or faced the sun for six
months, would be having its winter months; and the other
half that had kept turning before the sun for six months
would be having its summer months.

If, however, our earth makes one revolution each day,
then Labrador, which is in North America, and in the same
circle as England, or same latitude north, which readers will
see by consulting the rotating globe, that represent the earth
as used at school, should have the same climate and each day
of same length. This should be the same for each place
of the same latitude. We are, however, aware that the
weather is very severe at Labrador, when it is midsummer
in England, and also that the day is of short duration, and
these facts alone should convince readers, without a shadow
of doubt, that I am correct in saying that it is utterly
impossible, for all of us in this world, to get our seasons as
we now get them, except by the sun passing nearer to us in
summer over our fixed earth and then farther away during
the winter months.

This is undoubtedly the cause of winter and summer and
our seasons. I might mention that a great part of Russia
in addition to Labrador, referred to, comes in the same circle
as England.

If readers will only carefully examine a 12in. globe
(the size will enable you to see the various places in the world
printed on it) and if they will rotate the globe, in front of a
lamp to represent the sun shown in illustration, it will be
found that it would have been impossible to get these places
in position when rotating the globe, to work correctly with
the astronomers’ theory’, and to me the whole rotation thereof
is undoubtedly a false one and will be found upon examination
to be ridiculous.

I might mention that it cannot be said that the water
is the cause of the climate being much more severe in Russia
than that of England, for it will be seen, that the region I
refer to in Russia is on the same circle on the globe as England
and is hundreds of miles distant from any sea or canal. It
is entirely all land, and ought to be warmer.

I therefore maintain that as the climate and seasons at
Labrador in North America, Warsaw and Moscow in Russia,
Kamchalka in Siberia, and numerous other -places in Russia,
are quite different to the climate in England each day, although
it should be precisely the same, please refer to globe, this fact
alone must be a positive proof that the earth does not rotate
daily before the sun as illustration.

Readers must remember too, that from December 21st
the sun begins to travel nearer to us each day till June 21st.
The heat from the sim accumulates and gradually warms
the atmosphere until the end of March, when then we begin
to feel it quite dry. Then as you are aware, each day from
March, the sun gets nearer and nearer, until at mid-day on
June 21st the sun has arrived overhead, and seeing that the
air in March was dry and the heat still accumulating till June,
with the sun getting nearer and more overhead, this causes
the earth and atmosphere to be very warm and hence summer
is upon us to grow our crops.

Now as readers are aware, it is then midwinter in New
Zealand. Why is it midwinter in New Zealand when midsummer
in England ? Why ? Because the sun has kept
away from that country ; it has taken a direction over England.
Why is it midwinter with us six months hence? Why?

It is because the sun from June 21st begins to travel nearer
and nearer to New Zealand every day and night for six months
till it finally arrives at a position overhead, and then it is of
course summer at that place. Often the weather is very
warm in England at the end of August and September, and
often as warm as it is in summer, although the sun has been
travelling farther away from us then for several weeks. The
reason for this is, that the heat had accumulated so fast,
that we found the weather very warm, even after the sun
had left the position of being overhead as is the case in June.
Take the 21st of September till the 21st of December and note
how gradually day after day, we begin to find winter weather
coming upon us, as day by day the sun gradually moves
further from us through the heavens. There can be nothing
more simple for one to understand how we get our seasons
with a fixed earth and a travelling sun.

The astronomers inform us that in June my garden and
also your garden slope different to what they do in December,
and this is the cause of summer.

As my garden is a part of the earth, and my house is built
upon a part of the garden, which was levelled when built,
by the aid of a spirit level, and I find it is of the same level
to-day as it was twenty years ago, when built, and the same
level now while I am writing, which is in the month of June,
as it was last December, surely there can be nothing more
ridiculous than to imagine and say that each garden and
building throughout the world slopes towards the sun in June
of each year while it does not in December. What would
really happen with the very high buildings, high chimney
stacks, church towers, etc., if the earth where they are built
upon, altered its level every six months, would they be
perpendicularly upright.

May I ask is it worth while assuring pupils at school that
this kind of thing takes place in June and that this is the
cause of our summer?

In seriously thinking over the question one cannot but
come to the conclusion, that the Creator caused the sun to
travel over our fixed earth, in the various directions, to give
warmth to grow our crops in each country. If the Creator
had caused the sun to take one direction only all the year
round some countries would get no heat to grow their crops
and if the Creator had made the sun a fixture and caused the
earth to rotate daily, surely it is easy to see, that we should
not get the seasons as we now get them, it would be quite
impossible, utterly impossible.


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  1. Richard says:

    I love this…
    I wish we could get more people to read it, and to continue to support this channel and its invaluable information…
    I am doing my part, by emailing this information to family, and friends… I am even translating this entire information into Portuguese and Italian, so my family members and friends understand it.
    Thank you so much for this great info…


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