Why A Space Walk?

Why A Space Walk?

FE Corona RevelationHave you noticed that for many years NASA shows that astronauts take a space walk? Now, what is the purpose of this? When this is shown on TV no one questions it. If not such illusion of a space walk was done, no one would question it – they would still believe in all the other nonsense of billions of planets and suns moving in many different directions at once and the rest of what we have been told.

Do we see repairs in jets when it’s flying? Do we see repairs on cars and lorries when they are travelling? Of course not. We all know that it’s crazy to do so. Yet, for some strange reason we (except flat earthers) accept this on a space capsule that is flying at an incredible 17,000 mph and we don’t ask any questions.

How is it with a space capsule that is newly built that repairs have to be done in the first place? Why is it that all repairs are on the outside? Why is it that a simple wrench is about the only tool that they have?

Creating an illusion of millions of planets is one thing but to have repairs going on on a space capsule is another.

Maybe such a ridiculous thing was done to test the public how stupid they are and how much the “powers-that-be” can get away with. Now that they know that, they are very confident that people will believe in what is going on today, such as:

  • a virus that is so small, yet it can be stopped by the big pores of a face mask
  • of a plastic screen that somehow protect customers from the virus
  • that injecting poison into your body somehow keeps you healthy
  • of keeping 2 meters apart will somehow protect you from a virus that travels on water molecules of air.

So, if you believe that astronauts can be outside of a space capsule travelling at 17,000 mph, you will believe in these nasty viruses and what you are told about them. Well, NASA has us pegged right!

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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