News 9 August 2021

News 9 August 2021

Vaxx vs Unvaxxed


High-profile restaurant chains like Shake Shack and Union Square Hospitality will require staff and indoor diners in New York City and Washington D.C. to show proof of COVID “vaccination,” starting September 7, 2021

This sounds like the Mark Of The Beast. My thoughts on this, as expressed before, that it will be a waiting game. It won’t be long that those who have been vaxxed will be too sick to come to work or would be dying. Then, there will be a 100% turn around. Companies will be short of help and will take anybody. In fact, there is an airline in Canada that is hiring only unvaxxed pilots.

In a way many of these companies deserved what they get – for having an app that pings you each time you come in contact with someone who has c.vid. That’s the price people pay when they act like sheeple.

Talking about Mercola’s site, I discovered that right after his announcement that he would take down 15,000 articles, I went to to see what is there under his URL. Guess what? His site was taken down. So, I did a search for another site that has a lot of health truth – – and found that their site is still archived. But, I would not be surprise that they will go after other people; people who don’t just have information about c.vid but on other health topics. After all, is part of the big internet companies that wants to control us.

Archive Mercola

Then, I read an article where someone saved Mercola’s site on This person had saved 2,100 articles! My hat is off to the guy who did this. Check it out by going there and typing in ‘’

If there are other sites that you think might go down ‘the memory hole’ save it on

While still on the topic of Merola’s site, I thought of this. Joseph Mercola said that the posts he will put on will only be on for 48 hours and then taken off. I noticed that he is still talking about the forbidden C word. So, how will it appease those who listed him as one of the most notable ‘disinformation people on C’? Anyhow, the important thing is that he is still posting his beliefs, his research and that of others, which is good. But with him saying that his posts will only be online for 48 hours, do you know what that will do to his site? He’ll get more traffic. This is brilliant! Why? Because now people will go to his site every day or every other day so as not to miss any articles. Umm, maybe I’ll do that, too! Only kidding. But seriously, I believe that it’s only a matter of time before they will go after Christian Identity sites – because we espouse the truth in other areas.

Truck Driver Shortage

In the UK, an article that came out on Yahoo News is that there is a shortage of 100,000 truck drivers, so there is a shortage of many items in the shops. As for where I live, I have not seen this – thank God. But is it going on elsewhere? I don’t know. One thing I can say is that there was one picture shown with the article where the shelves closest to the video are bare – but the shelves in the background are full. Makes you wonder. I don’t believe that the shelves in the background all had products that were made locally, so lorry drivers were not needed. Anyhow, I have to do some shopping after I write this, so I’ll let you know. I also have my camera with me to show empty shelves if there are any.

I hope you are not suffering from a shortage of anything where you live.

After Shopping

I found that shelves look pretty full, but there are some areas where there are not many things. Thus, it looks like the lack of supplies are hitting my area.

Shop for Seeds

I read last week that the EU either proposed, or has already made a law, to make it illegal to grow your own food – as outrageous as that might sound. But this does not surprise me. Remember a government from the past created a deliberate famine back in the 1930s. That was the Soviet Union in what they did to their own people and the Ukrainian people. The result was that over 6 million Ukrainians were murdered (this 6 million is the truth, unlike another 6 million we have heard so much about). And, most of these were Christians. So, don’t be surprised that it will happen again. The pretext will be different – such as it could cause an increase in rat population. What I suggest is this – go out and buy all kinds of vegetable seeds now! This is what I just did.

In fact, this time of year, the shops are selling them cheap. I bought seeds that were half price or less. The seeds are good for three years. If there is not a shortage of food, which I hope that there isn’t, you have nothing to lose. You can always grow your own food regardless. It’s good exercise and experience. If we are prevented by law from growing our own food, or if there continues to be shortages in the shops – for whatever reason – you have the seeds. If you bought more seeds than you can grow, use them for the following year. And, any extra seeds can be sold to others that are without. People will voluntarily give you much more than what you paid for (not that you should take advantage of the situation).

Soon the shops will be sold our or simply taken off the shelves until next year. If your local shop doesn’t have any seeds, then go online and buy what you can. Get seeds that are not hybrids so you can grow vegetables from your own crop year after year.

That’s all the news for now.

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  1. go to ‘high-lighted comment’ / ‘WatchGate Channel’
    (a fairly detailed exegesis on this issue )


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