News For 4 August 2021

News For 4 August 2021

Note: I use the letter V or C to prevent the censors from possibly closing this site.

Mercola Taking Down Controversial Content

Joseph Mercola who has been speaking out on the V said he will be taking down all his articles on this subject as well the C topic, general nutrition and interviews with certain guests. When he does post, the articles will only be online for 48 hours. Mercola said he is doing this because of the attacks in the media. I wish he had thought this through.

With the thousands of articles he has, he should start having his employees put them on alternative social media sites. Then, he should have a link from his site to the other site(s). Now, there will be thousands of people who will not learn health truth.

He could also have another site where there is no name attached to it or have a pen name in order to get the truth out. In short, this is no way in fighting the enemy. I’m sure they are glad that he is doing this.

I guess we can still find his articles on Just type in his URL and you’ll find what you want there. I also suggest in getting a free program that can download websites; save it to your hard drive and share articles with others. You have only 24 hours to do this before valuable information is gone.

Another Lockdown?

Don’t be surprised that there will be another lockdown after the summer. The excuse could be: another variant, those who have not been V. There are already hundreds of thousands of people demonstrating in Europe against the V passport and restrictions in general. Will Americans do the same thing? Time will tell.

There are also many people who have not been V that are having blood clots and other health issues because they have been in close proximity to those who have been V, as reported in social media.

Owning Guns Do Not Protect Out Freedom

We are told that the owning of guns will safeguard our liberties, but look at what happened and is happening to the US. We have lost everything and that is with the Second Amendment basically still in place.

Just the mere fact of owning weapons will not give you freedom. If you look back of all the freedom we lost in the past 120 years, you’ll have an idea. With every law that is passed, that means that you can’t do something or, if you can, you’ll have to get a permit to do so.

If you look at the Communist Manifesto, there are 10 points that they wrote about that needs to be in place to takeover a country. Guess what? They are all in place now. Even back in the 1960’s I think that 8 or 9 points were in place in the US. For example, back in 1913, there was the establishment of the central bank and the income tax, which turned quickly into a graduated income tax. What did gun owners and freedom lovers do? Nothing. And so it went until we have reached a point that we are at now.

The last time that American actually defended themselves against the encroachment of big government was during the Reconstruction. The South won that one and chased the carpet baggers out and allowed White people to vote again. But after that, we have lost our freedom one step at a time until now, we are told when we can go outside, what we have to wear and where we have to stand. Soon, we will not have a say as to what can be injected into our bodies.

I can say a lot more on this subject but I have to be careful of what I say – after all, this blog is not as secure as alternative media sites such as Gab and Minds.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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  1. Yes, Joseph Mercola should post his information on alternative social media sites. I wonder, has he even thought about this? The lockdowns, wearing of masks, and other evils will not stop unless enough people take a stand…


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