Evolutionism’s Vain Search For Credibility Continues

Evolutionism’s Vain Search For Credibility Continues


An introductory comment from “Universe Today” #898 – August 24, ‘04 said: Meteorites Could Have Supplied the Earth with Phosphorus

Aug 24, 2004 – Phosphorus is central to life on Earth for many reasons; it forms the backbone of DNA and RNA, and it’s an important element in many chemical processes. The question is, how did the Earth get so much of it? Researchers from the University of Arizona believe that the meteorites that rained down early on during the formation of the Earth could have been the source. They found that many iron-nickel meteorites are rich with minerals that contain phosphorus, and propose that life could have formed round a spot where a meteorite struck the Earth. (emph. added)

After over thirty years of knowing that such statements are a high grade of pseudo-scientific balderdash, it is easy to forget that I would have raised no questioning eyebrow at such university grade nonsense in the decades before investigating the whole range of evolutionary claims. Actually, such university endorsed blurbs confirmed my unquestioning faith in evolutionism, and I might well have read the piece to my World History or Humanities Classes…or quoted it in a paper or something.

But, thank God, like hundreds with whom I’ve had contact over those 30 years, it rather suddenly became clear just how contra-scientific and preposterous the entire evolutionary concept really is. Virtually overnight I quickly and gladly saw through the incredible senselessness of that concept and cheerfully abandoned it with a whoop of relief…as if freed from a prison for hopeless souls. Combined with all that, I felt a sense of urgency that has not waned over the years to do all I could to expose not only the utter ridiculousness of the pseudo-scientific evolution hypothesis, but to help open the prison doors for as many people as possible.

All creationists learn right away that “Time is the hero of the Evolutionist Plot”. As with the first highlighted words above (“early on during the formation of the Earth”), even the briefest statements will make some reference to a time frame that is either spelled out or understood to refer to millions and billions of years which are now treated as scientific fact by the “Science” Establishment. Without those billions of years, no one would even think of presenting an evolution argument.

Another evolutionary constant involves the making of some kind of reference to how “life” is hypothesized to have begun. This we see in the lead article wherein phosphorus is found in meteorites and leads the U. of Ariz. researchers to “…propose that life could have formed around a spot were a meteorite struck the Earth”.

Knowing the almost infinite complexity of even the “simplest” life forms, one must marvel that anyone at the university level would make such a “proposal” with a straight face. That is, unless this is another attempt to claim that bacteria imported from outer space is the real way that life got started on Earth (and throughout the universe)! All that is needed then is for “Time Hero” to enter on cue. Then the Darwinian “mechanism” can kick in and in a mere three or four billion years can produce a profusion of plant and animal and even Spockian life forms.

Evolutionary scientists started milking this desperate hypothesis in 1984 when a big fuss was made over a fortuitously “discovered” rock in Antarctica that was said to have been a meteorite blown in from Mars. This potato-sized rock was ultimately declared to be inhabited by bacteria just ready to set out on its evolutionary journey of 4 or 5 billion years.  (And, of course, the goal of the Mars Missions was openly admitted to be all about finding–or preparing to find–the conditions needed for the evolution myth to unfold and, possibly even find some bacteria.  Note the repeated stress in those mission descriptions of the 4-5 billion year age assigned to Mars.)

If this meteorite-bearing bacteria hypothesis is what is really being “proposed” in the announcement leaning on the phosphorus connection–and one cannot fail to detect that this is what is really going on–then we can begin to see an evolutionary argument–insane as it is–taking shape that is itself evolving into a strong theory…and then evolving–you guessed it–into a fact.

Indeed, when the up-and-running Panspermia Concept of Drs. Hoyle and Wickramasinghe is combined with the meteor-phosphorus- bacteria concept being run up the evolutionary flagpole by some U. of Ariz. researchers, a premeditated pattern of deception is clearly in the works. The Panspermia Concept set the stage for delivery of bacteria via comets to the earth and other hypothesized bodies throughout the universe to kick-start evolution. [See: TSE Pt 1-Cosmic Ancestry] Now, meteors are being added to the delivery fleet and the task of generating life is assigned to Phosphorus!

Give the theorists and their obedient media lackeys another year or two and this “solution” to the tough problem of how ineffably complex life could begin anywhere in the first place will slip into the “science” textbooks. All hail Bacteria! And, let’s hear it for the Comets and Meteors! And don’t forget Phosphorus!

The groundwork for this accelerating descent into insanity has been at work for over a quarter century with the panspermia madness. Then, came all the crazy speculation about the alleged Martian meteor in Antarctica. That was followed by a steady increase in speculation about finding bacteria on Mars and various moons in the “solar system”.

And now comes another wave of Evolutionist Cavalry with its life-giving phosphorus-in-meteors “theory”. Ignoring the graveyard of other countless “theories” before them, they raise high the black flag of evolutionism and charge ahead, confident that they can impose anything on the world now that those mythical billions of years are set in textbook concrete as fact. Visions of total victory over Bible Creation and the Creator spur them on. They are preparing themselves to enter into the holy of holies of the Exclusive Club of Evolutionary Scientists by virtue of their “Bacteria to Rachmaninoff and Life-Giving Phosphorus Theories”. After all, it only took 4.6 billion years for these agents to complete their evolutionary work on Earth…as any textbook will confirm….

Ah well…. Documentation for this headlong journey into the deepest recesses of Goofydom–in an all-out effort to remove God from the Origins Business–can be found in the essay on Panspermia and the three brief discourses on the Mars Missions. 

And don’t forget what is really behind all this incredible chicanery, namely; a Bible-destroying religion that is merely using this Theoretical Science Establishment to accomplish its anti-Christ goals.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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2 Responses to Evolutionism’s Vain Search For Credibility Continues

  1. Elder Mike says:

    “I felt a sense of urgency that has not waned over the years to do all I could to expose not only the utter ridiculousness of the pseudo-scientific evolution hypothesis, but to help open the prison doors for as many people as possible.”

     “Ignoring the graveyard of other countless “theories” before them…” Love the wording, a great way to say it.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your post. This is why I wrote, “Reindeer Don’t Fly: Exploring the Evidence-Lacking Realm of Evolutionary Philosophy.” You can buy a copy, paperback/eBook, or read it for free on my website: https://thepathlifetakes.com 


  2. INFORMATION is the BIG evolution killer…..
    of course….
    the gob-smacking, irreducibly complex nano-tech’ @ the biochemical level ;
    (which is, basically, also, information)
    (machines have to be built according to pre-existing blue-prints/algorithms)
    matter and energy cannot produce it;
    it requires the DIRECT INTERVENTION of an external, Intelligent Agent…..
    that is a Natural Law and cannot be circumvented;
    𝘤𝘧 ‘The Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design’
    by: Pr’f Stephen C Meyer


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