A Talk About The Spinning Earth

A Talk About The Spinning Earth

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Richard talks to John about some basic physics and says that things just don’t add up.

Richard: Hi John, how are you doing?

John: Fine, thanks, and you?

Richard: Good. What I would like to discuss is some basic physics that just doesn’t make sense. I mean, I know physics, but there are some areas that just doesn’t add up.

John: What do you mean?

Richard: These are simple questions and you might think they are stupid but it’s a good point to start.

You can feel my breath, right?

John: Of course, if you breath on me hard enough.

Richard: you can jump and land in same spot, right?

John: Of course.

Richard: Birds can fly insects can fly, planes can take off, fly and land. What happens if you step down on a moving platform going 10mph?

John: I’d fall.

Richard: What if it was moving 100mph?

John: Fall fast and hard.

Richard: You confirm that all is true. How do you know it’s true? Because you can feel it; this validates your reality, right?

John: Yes. But where are you going with all this?

Richard: Just hold on. Now, we are told the earth spins 1,000mph at equator right? Do you believe that?

John: Yes.

Richard: Why?

John: Because I was told.

Richard: But what about your senses? If that is true, why don’t we feel it?

John: Because we are told it’s gravity

Richard: If it’s gravity, everything would have to be moving in sync: air, objects, etc. That is what we are told by physics professors. Remember, that is what we are told.

IF this is true, why can you feel my breath?

It’s part of gravity, we are told.

John agreed with this.

Richard: If it is, why does gravity effect all air molecules but not what you breath out? How can a bird fly against such heavy wind? How can a plane land on ground that is going 1,000mph? And do so in a different direction without crashing?

John: That means the plane would have to be going at exactly the same speed as the planet.

Richard: Then how can it land on a N S runway while the earth is spinning towards the East?

Do you believe the earth is spinning because you see the Sun moving over head?

John: Yes.

Richard: Have you ever thought that it’s the Sun MOVING and not the earth?

If I went to some tribe in the Amazon that never saw modern civilization. We look up and a plane is moving across the sky. What would he say?

John: Probably that the plane is moving.

Richard: If I told him the ground is moving, would be believe that?

John: We don’t know, but he might believe it.

Richard: If I told him over and over again that the plane is not moving but the earth, he most probably would believe it. But we know that it’s not earth moving but the plane. If he asks why then does the plane move out of view, we could say that is because the earth, which is round, is moving from his view.

We know that the plane is moving and not the earth because we have been in the plane; we can see it move across the ground very fast and see it take off from the ground. But what if we never saw that? What if we keep hearing that the earth is moving and not the plane? What if we were told since a child to always believe the teachers, the media and government? You would believe them when you hear their explanation that is opposite of what they were told? You would have no question that they were lying; you could not possible think that such smart people made a mistake.

So, we see the Sun move across the sky and believe that it’s actually the earth moving. Maybe we believe all this because we were told this! And, from our standpoint it also makes sense, so we don’t question it. But if you were flying along side the Sun you would have a different perspective, right?

John: I presume so.

Richard: Have you ever seen how far the Sun is actually from the earth? If you just put aside your beliefs for a moment so you can follow along. What if I told you that you could fly to the altitude of the Sun, and you followed along. You’ll see the earth still but only the Sun moving. What I’m saying is, that you get a different perspective.

Now, back to the air molecules in perfect sync with the earth’s spinning and that is why you don’t feel it and why nothing is destroyed by the fast movement of the earth. Tell me, how is it that ALL the air molecules are in perfect sync with the spinning – which we are told by professors – but someone how, our little breath we can blow air on someone next to us and they feel it. How is it that the force, gravity or whatever you call it can not equally effect air molecules, insects flying or leaves blowing?

John: I don’t know. This is confusing.

Richard: If you believe what you are told about gravity and air molecules in perfect sync with the spinning AND you believe that you can feel the air from someone’s breath – they are contradictory to each other. If one is true, the other can’t be. If you believe both are true, do you know what you call that?

John: No.

Cognitive Dissonances, which means: holding both beliefs are that are opposite of each other and believing both are true. This is cognitive dissonance. That is not a sign of a stable mind.

To help you some more. The one we were only told. The other, actually feel it and can test it. So, which do you believe?

John: That’s a difficult question, I have to think on that one awhile.

Richard: Good. The next time lets continue the talk, OK?

John: Fine.


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