Little Known Secrets of the Flat Earth

Little Known Secrets of the Flat Earth

Could the Earth Also Create It’s Own Metals?


I happened to be listening to an audio tape the other day that had nothing to do with the flat earth. In the beginning of this tape the speaker told about a news article that appeared on the front page of the Phoenix Gazette. This audio was made in 1982 and the speaker said the article was in a Saturday edition of the newspaper. No date was given.

The article said that divers in a submarine discovered 6,000 feet below the surface of the ocean, off the coast of California, what looked like chimneys rising 100 feet up with of a streams of oil coming out. They described it as seeing oil in the making; that there were different grades of oil. They also identified, upon examination, that this column was pushing up zinc, copper and iron oxide. The observers described it as earth’s oil fracking plant; that the earth actually creates its own oil. Now, this we have learned in recent years but to read this back in the 1980s shows that this information has been kept under wraps.

The interesting thing is, that could earth create its own minerals? Could earth create at least some of its own minerals? Or, was this minerals already deep underground? Since oil is created could minerals also be created? According to this old article it sounds like it. Think of the magnificence of God’s creation!

In recent years there have been talk on alternative news sites that the earth create its own oil. In other words, oil does NOT come from decaying plant and animal matter. During the time of the Soviet Union they had notices that some of their old oil wells that had gone dry filled up with oil again years later. Americans then discovered this same process but this information has been kept secret. The reason being is, to make it look like oil is in limited supply and thus keep the price of oil high.

Could the earth also be creating its own minerals – given a certain amount of time, pressure and heat to do so? Don’t expect to hear the truth from mainline media.

Now and then the truth comes out in the media – even if it’s by accident. Could this news article that appeared 34 years ago be one of them? Could the media been told not to report any more on such a topic?

Yahweh God, in His great wisdom, not only created the earth and all life therein but had planned from the beginning what would be needed thousands of years in the future? We are told in the Bible, for example, about Job; that God knew him from the foundations of the earth. Since God knows one person and how he’ll be, He also knows about each and everyone one of us. God also knows what man will and will not do, and plans things accordingly. In other words, God is not caught by surprised when some evil man does something and thereby messes up His plans. This is contrary to the false teachings that we have in churches today. If you talk to the average Christian they will tell you that God had Plan A, then when that didn’t work He had Plan B. An example would be that God chose the Jews but because they didn’t accept Christ as their Saviour, He had to go to Plan B and accept the Gentiles. (That is another whole story.) The point I want to make is that God had thought EVERYTHING out to the final conclusion.

You might want to do your own research on abiotic oil. Here are a couple of links to get you started:

Discovery backs theory oil not ‘fossil fuel’

I believe that God had created the earth and all the chemicals, metals and other materials that man needs. And that if we follow His Laws, Statues and Judgement, we will not be short of anything! Contrary to what the “fear mongers” would have you believe that we will run short of this, run short of that, etc. No, God has provided EVERYTHING for us in the right measure.

In conclusion, this is another secret of the flat earth, namely, that the earth produces its own oil and at least some of its own minerals. What a wonderful God we serve!

Hidden Gold

Talking about the earth producing its own oil and possibly its own minerals, the fact is that we do have more minerals in the ground than what is reported. My brother-in-law used to work in the South African mines many years ago digging for gold. There were mostly Black workers but he is White and was a good worker. He told me that on three occasions in his life he came across a vain of gold that was huge. He told his boss and the company was about ready to celebrate but the word came down from the very top of the company to remain silent and close up the shaft they dug! Get that: keep silent and close up the shaft.

Why was this? To keep the price of gold high! The exact location was market and the company kept a record of it, of course. So, when more gold is need, it’ll be there.

Hidden Diamonds

About the diamonds, I heard this from some reporter on the internet where she was shown by a rich Jewish owner of a diamond mine some diamonds. She was asked if she would like to see more diamonds, and she said yes. (What woman doesn’t want to see more diamonds 🙂 Anyhow, it wasn’t just a couple of rings or a small tray but crates of diamonds stored in a warehouse! Now, you can believe it or not. But knowing how the billionaires think it does not surprise me that they want to keep this hidden in order to keep the price high. You may ask why did this guy show this to the reporter in the first place? My guess is, that some people just have to tell someone else about a big secret, to brag a bit. But about him being afraid that this news would get out, he knows that would not be a problem. First off, the media is controlled. And IF the story gets out they can say it was not true and then not mention another word of it from then on. They also know that people have a short memory and will forget about it, too.

In short, this great flat earth of ours has enough treasure for all of us, it’s just that we are not told about it.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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  1. ‘look up’ giants/mountains/mud fossils… ‘no forests on flat Earth’


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