Comparing Smoke In The Car to Earth and Our Atmosphere

When we use this analogy, it’s good to inject the word “atmosphere,” and “clouds” when we are talking about the cigarette smoke in the car. This way, while you are still taking about the car, it will make critics of the flat earth compare it to the spinning earth.. When they see the absurdity of one, they will see the absurdity to the other – we hope.

When you give your talk, ask and answer the typical questions people will have, the message will go over better. When you do this during your talk, it will save a lot of Q&A time afterwards. Also, you might bring up objections that they haven’t thought of, which is good.

It could go like this:

Astronomers tell us that the atmosphere moves with the spinning earth. If this is true, why doesn’t the smoke in the car remain with the car? The reason why it doesn’t is because the windows are open. We know that with the windows shut tight only then does the atmosphere remain inside. Therefore, for it to be the same comparison with Earth, there would have to be a shield protecting Earth. Again, we are told that we have been to the Moon; that we have sent satellites to the edge or our solar system. IF there was a shield, our satellites would not be able to penetrate it. If the earth is spinning at 1,000mph, the shield will have to be stronger than in a normal car.

People who believe in the heliocentric model have to admit that there is no physical barrier, yet, somehow believe that different atmospheres exist side by side.

But there is another problem with comparing the car to Earth and that is the wheels of the car that is turning and not the body of the car, not the chassis. When you are in a car, you have the spinning wheels and the non-moving chassis. When making a comparison with the spinning Earth and the atmosphere in a car that is enclosed, it’s NOT the same. When your feet are on the floor of the car, the floor is not spinning. When we are on Earth, the Earth is not spinning but critics tell it is and somehow it’s OK with them that we don’t feel it.

If Earth is spinning we would certainly feel it – and you know that it’s not possible. Your feet cannot say on wheels going 50mph, and it certainly can’t stay on “wheels” of Earth going 1,000mph!

Clouds would not be able to slowing drift by if the Earth was spinning (not to mention many other things). Just like smoke will not be able to stay in a car that has no windscreen when travelling.

They should understand how birds can fly, how they can throw something straight up in the air and come down in the same place – and not 100 yards away from the spinning earth.

To say, as many heliocentric scientist would say, that the spinning Earth is like a car with its own atmosphere moving along the road is wrong. Firstly, it ignores what I just said. Secondly, there is a shield in the car example, and that is the body of the car, including the windows. If you removed all the windows, it will not have it’s own atmosphere. If you still insist our atmosphere moves along with Earth like that of a car, it would have to be because of some shield that is keeping our air from blowing away – like in a car. There are two points I’d like to bring up on this:

1 – That it’s the Earth spinning – that which we stand on, that which we have our homes on. With the car example, it’s not the floor of the car but the wheels.

2 – Ignoring the above (which you can’t in science, but we’ll do so here) – where is this shield? This shield will not only have to be strong enough to protect us from 1,000mph speed, but also for 67,000mph, 500,000mph and for the speed of light? Why do I say all of this? Because this is what we are told by astronomers, people who work for space agencies and our teachers.

This has to be a God made object. So, where is it? We are told that we have sent men to the Moon. Since we are told they went there, they didn’t pass such a shield. Nothing can penetrate something that strong. We are told that we sent satellites to the end of our solar system and beyond. So, this shield is not anywhere between earth and Pluto. Where is it?

I heard Dr Kent Hovind, a science teacher, talk when refuting the flat Earth, he compared the spinning Earth to what is inside of a car while traveling; he said that this protection is like a blanket around the round earth. But he never thought of what I just wrote, and he probably will never bring it up, either.

As a side note ,there is a dome or firmament, as the Bible states, and it is above the Earth but its purpose is different and it only fits with a stationary Earth; Earth that is NEITHER spinning nor moving forward. Here, I just want to talk about a shield with Earth that is moving from 1,000mph to the speed of light (about 670 million miles per hour).

There is no shield that has been discovered. Now, if this shield did exist, like Kent Hovind claims and many others like him, it would have to be the whole shield spinning too. But somehow, some magical way, it would have to take the atmosphere along with the spin. It would have to take the Earth as well. So, you have a spinning indestructible shield, along with all objects spinning in perfect timing with it, that will include man, airplanes, birds, butterflies and even the gases that make up the atmosphere – they would have to turn at the same time in order that we will not be able to detect it.

This shield, could be pictured like this: Above this hollow shell would be the blackness of space for billions of light years. Then the shell, the Earth’s atmosphere and the Earth itself. Now, somehow, this spinning shell would have to be connected to the solid earth, too. But mankind and all living creatures would somehow not feel this force, see this force or test this force in anyway. That is the only model that heliocentric scientists, like Kent Hovind represents. Only this model can explain their claim of how the Universe is. In short it’s all hogwash – an impossibility. All of this defies logic, physics, common-sense and reality. In fact, it’s not even good science fiction. And we are to believe this?


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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