Is It Possible To Go Multiple Speeds And Directions At Once?

Is It Possible To Go Multiple Speeds And Directions At Once?


Is it possible to go multiple speeds and directions at once? Yes, BUT…

In the heliocentric model of the universe, we are told that the earth is going in multiple directions and speeds at once, but is this possible?

We are told that we are spinning at 1,000 miles per hour at the equator, going round the sun at 67,000mph, going round the Milky Way at 500,000mph. And, if that wasn’t enough, you can throw one more speed – traveling away from the “Big Bang” at the speed of light. So, is it possible to go in all these directions at one time?

In order to answer this question, let’s create a model to see how this would work.

Riding in a Train

If you were to ride in a train, and you were walking down the isle, you would be going two different speeds at the same time. And, you can be going in two different directions, also. This is not disputed by flat earthers. In fact, you could make a model where more than two speeds are involved. Here is an example:

  1. The train going at, say, 50mph in one direction

  2. A little toy railroad track inside the train.

  3. On this track you’d have a round platform that is turning, where a toy soldier is standing.

  4. On this round platform it slowly rises up and down.

Here we have a toy soldier going in four different directions and different speeds even all at once.

  • The train going along its route
  • The toy railroad track (of any configuration)
  • The round platform that is slowly turning around
  • The platform slowly rising and lowering

So, in theory does that mean that the earth can do all these speeds and direction at the same time? Globe earth believers will probably say yes. But the answer is NO! Why?

It’s a little complex to explain but I’m sure you’ll follow. First we are told that the earth is spinning around the equator at 1,000mph and with it is the atmosphere. This is what we are told so as to explain that there is no 1,000mph wind. But is this possible? NO! Here are the differences from the little model that we discussed and with the earth.

With the Toy Model

With the train, miniature track, round platform and toy soldier, there was a dividing object, a solid object of some kind that enable us to have the different speeds and directions at the same time. You had the chassis of the train – dividing the occupants of the train from the ground. Then you had the miniature toy train on the track – another solid object. The round platform on top of the miniature train. Finally, you have some kind of mechanism that pushes the platform up and down in the air.

So, while we can have an experiment were different speeds were possible at the same time, you still have a problem with the air. If our model was on a much larger scale with higher speeds, and you’d have a real person on the round platform, you’d still have problems with motion AND wind speed. You would be protected from the wind speed of the train because you are enclosed. If you made each system enclosed, you could protect yourself from some of the wind, but you’d still feel motion of some kind; you’d feel some centrifugal force. When we compare to what we are told that the earth is doing, we’d certainly feel the spin of 500mph or 1,000mph – depending whether you are in Canada or in Ecuador (which is at the equator).

With the Heliocentric Model

Let’s just start with the earth turning so we don’t get our heads spinning (suppose to be a little ‘funny’ here). We are told that the atmosphere moves in perfect timing with the earth – even down to the individual gas molecule (IF you can believe that!). If the ground is moving, we don’t feel it, we don’t see it and we don’t sense it in any way. We can’t test it in any way, either.

Where is the engine, the mechanism that makes planets and suns move? Where is the noise, the fuel or the sound that can propel such a massive object as our earth?

OK, putting all that aside, we need a barrier of some kind that protects the earth spinning at 1,000mph. And, we need another barrier to protect us from the 67,000mph that we are going around the sun. This has to be somewhere in the solar system. Since, “we are told” that we have sent satellites into deep space, the satellite did not come across any solid objects. No object, whether it be something you can’t see through; no invisible force field and no solid object that you can’t see through. If there was a barrier of ANY kind, the satellites would crash into it. Also, the barrier would have to one that you see through in order to have meteors entering our solar system and in order to see the light from the stars. In short, THERE HAS TO BE A BARRIE of some kind in order for us to go multiple speeds at the same time and to protect us from the – whatever it is in space that would blowing on earth.

Even if there were such an object how would it stand up to 67,000mph? How would it stand up to half a million miles per hour that we are suppose to be going around the galaxy? It would be completely destroyed; it would be disintegrated, vaporised!

Getting Back to Earth and the Atmosphere

I want to get back to the earth and the atmosphere. If there were some shield around the earth, which there would have to be to protect us from the other speeds, you’d still have a problem with the atmosphere turning at 1,000mph with the earth. If the Evolutionists (and most of them are) says that it’s gravity that does all this. OK, if gravity attracts all the gases that makes up our atmosphere – down to the individual molecule – then why doesn’t it attract the hydrogen and helium molecules? Do they have so much power of their own that they can defy the supper-strong gravity?

With the earth, sun and planets there is nothing as far as barriers that are protecting us – even our astronomers and NASA people tell us this. They tell us that there are no physical barriers in space.

When NASA said that a satellite we sent up years ago just flew by Pluto, there is not a word of encountering a solid object. Now, a solid object would have to there in order to protect the planets of the tremendous speed that we are suppose to be going – not just the earth but all planets.

For those who think that the earth is only spinning at 1,000mph and no other movement at all, there would still be a problem. What is protecting us from the tremendous speed? Nothing!

If gravity was real and it has the properties that we are told, which is, in part, that small objects attracts larger ones, then why can a man fall off a building and kill himself? Since a building is hundreds or even 1,000s of times heavier than a person, why isn’t that person attached or pulled immediately to the building and thus be prevented from falling to the ground? Why isn’t a person kept to the surface and simply walk down the side of it? We all know that we can’t and that’s because objects have NO ATTRACTING POWER to each other regardless of the sizes involved. The only exception is a magnet and iron but we all know the reason why attraction takes place there.

All of this is another example of the lies we have been told.

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