Some Christians Are So Brainwashed You Just Can’t Get Through

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You may have had this experience and that is when talking to some Christians they are so thick, so brainwashed that you just can’t get through. Well, I met one the other day who was like that. A woman stopped me who as on the shopping square with literature and there was a sign next to her that said “10 Commandments Quiz.” She came on with, “Do you know Jesus.” I told her yes and that I was saved.

The following is the highlights of what was talked about. They are not in exact order or with the exact words used, as you know how these conversations go – they are all over the place. So, here goes…

Me: We need to follow all the laws. Many Christians are hypocrites in that they say “the Law was done away with,” yet they are the first ones that would vote for a politician or judge or they would run for office themselves. What they did was, in the Bible they changed one word and that was “ritual” and wrote “law.” When, in fact, it was only the ritual that was done away with.

Her: We talk about the Gospel.

Me: The Gospel is: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but there are many other books in the Bible. We need to study the whole Bible. Bible scholars tell us that 71% of the Bible is CIVIL.

Jesus said, “If you love me you’d obey My Commandments.”

Her: Jesus said many “ifs.”

This was a cavalier attitude on her part! In conversations many times you don’t have time or you are not given the time to answer. They also are quick to change to another topic. But here is my response to this and to any Reader who might think like this and that is: What this woman is implying is, that this is of no concern. EVERYTHING that Jesus said is of importance! So, let’s talk about this IF. People like to side-step the issue when they know that they are guilty; when it would destroy their “interpretation” of the Bible.

Me: Do you know where Heaven it; the physical Heaven?

This got her to think and she admitted “No.”

Me: We are told right in the Bible. Heaven is right above us. “As high as the heavens are above the earth, so are my ways higher than yours.” Therefore, the earth cannot be a globe as what is above for us, is not above for those in Australia.

This got her to think but in a couple of seconds she was off on her own course. But I went back to the same topic.

Me: God said that the earth is His footstool. Now, picture a footstool: Would it be round going at 1,000mph? Would it be traveling around the sun at 67,000mph? He would say, “Where is my footstool?”

(I then added.) Would you agree that most Evolutionists are either atheist or agnostic?

Her: Yes.

Me: It would be easier to reach them with the Bible by first talking about what their interest is.

Then, when they are told that the earth is flat and that we are the only ones out there, they have to re-think everything.

During this conversation I gave her my web address. But I doubt she will look at or do her own research on the flat earth.

At this point, I said I had to go, as I saw that she had become a little hostel. She did not give me any of her literature, so I don’t know what church or cult she was from. But was this all a waste of time? No.

Any time that you see some religious person or group on the street, it’s an opportunity to talk to them. Unfortunately, there are many of them that are so brainwashed that they will not understand what you are saying – that’s fine. But think of those who do – though they are few and far in-between. I know that there are people who once were either in an outright cult of from the mainline church (which are mostly brainwashed) that are glad that they came across the truth.

It’s sad to say that what are taught in churches today is not much different than what Jehovah’s Witness or the Mormons say. Their lies may be different but the mainline churches certainly have enough other lies to classify them as a cult, too.

When you do have a conversation with anyone like this, it’s good to record this shortly thereafter, which is what I did. I just had a note pad to do so. You might not get verbatim of what was said but you’d be more accurate than if you were to retell it to a friend a week later. The best thing to have is, an actual recording – either video or audio – but a lot of people would not like to be recorded. Then, after you met someone and go over your notes, you can refine what you said for the next time.

Technically speaking, you can record anything that is in public. So, if you want to buy one of those little video cameras that clips on your shirt, by all means do so!

The point is, that biblically, everyone has a chance to learn about God and His Word and God may be using you to do your part.

My questions to you, dear Reader is: What have you done in the past week to spread God’s Word? What could you have done? What opportunity did you miss in spreading the truth? How can you make your talk better the next time? What can you do this week? Sit down now and right our your answers and thoughts. Then ACT on them. It’s no accident that the first book after the Gospel is the book of ACTS. That means that the Apostles and Disciples put their knowledge into ACTion and told others about the Bible truths.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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  1. some religious person or group on the street…
    have you ever seen any, actual ‘flat Earth street preachers’ [?]
    there was a fellow called ‘Nathan Roberts’ (aka ‘flatEarthdoctrine’ ) who had been doing quite a bit of it….even ‘picketing’ out-side of some churches ( á la Westboro Baptist) but his entire ‘profile’ seems to have disappeared from the inter-webs…..
    his bitchute and YouTube chans. and his ‘blog…… all gone ☹


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