Very High Temperature In The Upper Stratosphere

Very High Temperature In The Upper Stratosphere

In the UK Daily Mail for New Year’s Day 2021, there an article on the weather about a deep freeze that the UK will be getting in two weeks. It said that normally, the weather pattern comes from the West but this time it’s coming from Siberia, Russia. It went on to explain that there is a pocket of hot air 50 C (approx. 122 F) in the upper stratosphere. Now, most people would think that this is odd and give no further thought.

As flat earth believers, a critic would say, “If the Sun is close to Earth as you say, why doesn’t it get hotter as you go up rather than colder?” This is a valid question and most flat earthers would not know how to answer.

It’s true when you ascend a mountain it gets colder and colder. In Ecuador, though it’s at the equator, you can see snow on high mountain tops, such as Cotopaxi, all year long. So, if the Sun is 3,000 miles above the earth as many of us believe, why doesn’t it get hotter? The proof that it does get hotter is in this article I’m referring to (sorry I don’t have the link to it as, at the time, I didn’t give it much thought).

The fact is, that it does get colder and colder the higher you go – UNTIL you reach a certain point. And that certain point is higher than the highest mountain on Earth. That is why no mountain climber has ever experienced it. Now, if you go in a plain that is flying 35,000 feet, you will see indications that it’s not freezing outside. Look out your window and sometimes you see little streams of water going across your passenger window. I have seen this years ago (before I became a flat earther) and never gave it much though. Well, if its suppose to be freezing like on Mt. Everest, you would not see water in its liquid form – it would be frozen! This indicates that the temperature is above freezing and most probably very high above freezing. But don’t expect your pilot to tell you. They are probably instructed to not say anything UNLESS the temperature is well below freezing or give the temperature only up to a certain altitude.

How this pocket of high temperature is in the Stratosphere, that’s another subject. Don’t forget, the media doesn’t tell you the full truth. Sometimes a little truth gets out – you just have to “connect the dots.”

How the temperature gets lower and lower and then gradually gets higher, I have no idea. But I dare say that there are some meteorologist who knows the physics of it.

Getting back to the closeness of the Sun, it only makes sense that the temperature would have to get higher at some point the closer you get to the Sun.

Now, about that “Red Bull” sponsored jump from something like over 100,000. If you recall, some guy went up in a balloon that had, what looked like, a “space capsule” attached to it, then in a full “space suite” he jumped out. This does not mean that it was super cold when he jumped out. The suit would have given him protection when he reached a lower altitude where is was very cold. Plus, he would still need oxygen support for a good distance until he reached, 15,000 feet. So, this “Red Bull” jump would not prove one way or the other of temperature he was at when he jump from the container he was in. But my guess is, that it was hot at the altitude he jumped.

Anyhow, this should give you something to think about.

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