The Impossibility to Communicate in Space

Comparing Satellite Signals to Local Reception


We are told that signals are sent to satellites millions of miles way to do activate some electronic device. And signals from satellites communicate back pictures and other tests that are carried out. Two way conversations are made to astro-nots on the International Space Station with no problem. Yet, many times you can’t receive a radio station 100 miles away – how strange!

satellite-communication-3So, how is it that signals can be sent millions of miles away and be received with no problem? How can signals be sent from Pluto – over a billion miles away – and be received with clear pictures of the planet’s surface?

People with mobile phones get poor signals in certain areas of their town or when they are in the hills somewhere. The signals we do receive, whether it be for mobile phones, the internet, TV or radio are sent via: micro wave towers, wires or cables, etc. We have relay towers all over the earth and if we didn’t we wouldn’t receive signals. Thus, how can radio waves be sent with color pictures no less – which takes up a lot of memory – and be sent hundreds of millions of miles to earth? How can all of this be done WITHOUT any type of relay station at all?

Then you have space agencies which claims to picks up signals across the galaxies – trillions of miles away. I guess those little Aliens have powerful transmitters on their flying saucers! To think that radio signals can be sent or received from even further distances is ludicrous. Yet everyone has experienced poor reception with their phone or radio when the distance is much, much closer than satellites in space.

The fact is, that space agencies and astronomers creates all this bull.

First, there is no thing as the vastness of space. IF there were trillions of miles of space, regardless of what makes it up, you cannot transmit signals without some form of relay. Sure, we have wireless transmission but that only goes so far. If all you needed was a tower to generate and send a signal and a satellite dish to receive it, why all the microwave towers in between? Why cables under the sea and on the land? The reason why we have them is because we need them. Wireless communication can only go so far.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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