The Enemy Is Prepared for Everything – Including Flat Earthers

carry-their-liesThe enemy is prepared in all case scenarios in their plans lying to the people. When it comes to the flat earth, they have their plans. They know that one day people will wake up and know the truth, so they have their plans for when this happens. To better know how the enemies of Christ react, you’ve got to think like them. I know, it’s a terrible thought but just do some imagination; pretend you are in a film and your role is to play the bad guy – what will you do?

I thought about playing this role, for, in order to know what to expect, you’ve got to know what your enemy probably will do. So, what will they do when it comes to the flat earth believers?

We already know much what they do, such as:

  • being ignored
  • being ridiculed
  • actually be censored in some way
  • defamation of character, etc.

These are the common things that we have all seen and, some of us have experienced. But is there a more clever design that the enemies of truth is using; that is slipping under our collective radar? I believe there is.

We have all heard of The Flat Earth Society and it is not the bastion of truth as it was back in the 1980s and 90s, when the leader of it passed away. Now, they do advocate the flat earth and one great thing they do have on their site are the old flat earth books. To this, we give them credit. However, in some of their posts or in their interviews, they claim that ‘gravity’ is the result of the earth ‘travelling 3 metres a second upward’ that gives us gravity. This is deliberate misleading. There are other such things that they do or say that would make anyone turn away and think they are loonies. This is exactly what the government wants – to have people react this way.

More Insidious Method of Discrediting

Believe it or not, there is a more insidious method of discrediting flat earthers, or to get people ‘turned off’ by the idea that the earth is flat and stationary. Now, without mentioning names (you can figure that out for yourself), there are others that are true flat earth believers and they have put out good articles and videos. The videos are professionally made and better than I can do. But it is PART of their message that it totally wrong. That is ridiculing Christians and making blasphemy statements against Christ.

Now, think of this attack Christians and the teachings of Christ; what this would have on Christians who are learning about the flat earth for the first time. A Christian would come to a flat earth site, starts thinking about it, then he/she comes across an article where they read a blasphemy attack on Christ. What would they do? What would you do? They would get turned off, go back to their other reading and be left with the thought that all flat earthers are non-Christians and simply plain kook’s. When someone else approaches him that is a Christian and believes in the flat earth, they won’t even listen to them. I know if I came across such an attack on Christians, and it was my second or third article that I read on a flat earth site, I know that I wouldn’t have been back to read more. But, by the grace of God that was not the case. In fact, the site I was first on to learn about this was Eric Dubay’s site – a person known for having nothing to do with Christianity. But it was many articles later before I read of anything negative about Christianity.

People in NASA, people who call themselves astronomers, astrophysics or what have you are part of this cover up. They are, for the most part, atheists or agnostics. So, they are quite happy to have people turned off the the flat earth news after being on a website that is suppose to enlighten them.

This technique of mixing lies with truth is effective. You can see videos of conservative Christians, good people, who came across the flat earth news, thought it was rubbish and made a short comment to their congregation.

There are a few flat earth sites, like this one, that shows the harmony of God’s word with the flat earth. It’s time that we get in the forefront of the flat earth believers. Unfortunately, those who are not Christian and mixes lies in with the truth are getting all the followers and support. You wonder how many of these follows have adopted the flat earth truth but dropped their Christian beliefs? What a trade off; what a loss? They know about the true shape of the earth but they’ve lost their Creator, and thus, living in Christ’s Kingdom.

First, and foremost, keep your belief in Christ and the Bible truths along with the flat earth truth, too. After all, the flat earth truth was first mentioned in the Holy Bible.


About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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4 Responses to The Enemy Is Prepared for Everything – Including Flat Earthers

  1. You wonder how many of these…have adopted the flat earth truth but dropped their Christian beliefs
    not an intellectually tenable position;
    the Creator God of The Bible is the only, viable Candidate for the architect/builder of this terrarium/planetarium (with its highly-engineered ‘climate-control’ system and its Swiss-watch-like date/time-keeping system) that we inhabit….
    and, of course, the only viable Candidate for the Intelligent Designer of the gob-smacking, intricate complexity of life ;
    (right down to the obvious nano-technology @ the bio-chemical level)
    ✍ bottom line ✍
    Biblical Christianity is the 𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐲 ‘game’ in town …… ♣♦♥♠


  2. (sorry abt the excessive ‘bolding’… forgot to ‘tun off’ the ‘/b’ tags ☹ )


  3. There are a few flat earth sites, like this one, that shows the harmony of God’s word with the flat earth
    have you read Pstr. Dean Odle’s latest book on it?
    ‘Like Clay to the Seal’ ;
    ☞ maybe you could ‘read and review’ [?]


  4. (book, also, now avlb. on Amazon )


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