Telling My Step-granddaughter About the Flat Earth

Teaching the flat earth via mathematics

umbrella-1My step-daughter and her daughter came over for a visit. My step-granddaughter is 13 years old and it was 9 years since I had last seen her. Since I like to teach I thought I’d have a little lesson for her. Isabel told me that she likes math, so I thought it would be good to introduce the formula that astronomers use to determine the declination of the earth. You all know the formula – 8 inches times the distance squared.

As I wrote this down and explained it to her, I asked her if she knows how to square the distance. She did. I had her do some multiplication and division. I gave her her first math problem – which she got right. Then I went on to say that we are told that you cannot see anyone that is 6 miles away. Yet, in reality we can see someone 6 miles away – even though you have to use a telescope. I explained that the formula is right and this is what globe earth believers tell us.

I like to stir curiosity into my teaching; as humans we are strongly motivated to learn more when this is done. I told to her, “Isabel, would like to know a math problem that the teacher will not be able to solve?”

“Yes,” was her response.

I built up the curiosity more by saying, “How would you like to be able to solve this problem that your teacher would not be able to? And, how would you like to look like a hero?”

Again, Isabel said, “Yes!”

After showing the math and explaining to her that it would be impossible to see a person 6 miles away because of the curve in the earth. Yet, we are able to do so. She could not figure this out. Later, she thought it was because the person is too small and the earth too big to do this.

I said, “The only answer can be is that the earth is not a globe?

She didn’t believe this, so I continued by asking her a couple of questions. “Can you put water on a ball?”

She said, “No.”

“Can you put water on the side of anything and have it remain there?”

Again, Isabel said, “No.”

“So, how can we expect water to stay on a huge ball – the earth – if the earth is round?”

She thought about this for a moment and said, “It’s gravity,” thinking she had the answer.

I said, “If it’s gravity, why doesn’t it keep water on a ball? Why doesn’t it keep water on a big ball. Why doesn’t it keep water on a heavy ball?”

At this point, she had to think about this.

So, I bought up other questions that she might ask later on; then I answered those questions. I brought up the sun and we see it round and it moves and the moon – the same thing. I then explained how it was the sun and moon that was moving and not the earth.

Then Isabel brought up the boat and how it goes over the curve. I said that if you watch it ‘disappear’ you can see it again with a telescope and that we all know that a telescope cannot see though things. So, this proves that the earth is flat.

Slowly but surely she learned of the flat earth. Well, since the time I told her this, we had a party going in the house – sort of a family reunion – where there were 12 people.

All of this took place Wednesday, 27 April, 2016. (Yesterday, at the time of this Post.)

After our little lesson, she took the paper that I was writing on, upstairs. Then she came down, went out side all excited to tell her mother, “Mum, do you know that the earth is flat?!” she exclaimed in her little voice. Her uncle was there, heard it and laughed. It was about a minute later when I came out and Isabel was still talking to him when Steve said to me, “So, you think the earth is flat?” I said, “I just wanted to show her that the maths point this out.” This stop his laughing and he just thought that is was some kind of game I played.

A minute later when we were away from the naysayers, I said to Isabel, “I had no idea that you were going to tell others. You have to keep this to yourself as most people do not believe this.”

teaching-flat-earthI had not thought about this when I was teaching Isabel the math and should have said something at that time. Well, no harm done, as her mother and uncle thought this was a parlour trick. My wife knows that the earth is flat, so there IS agreement between her and me.

I had to inform my little step-granddaughter that she has to learn more about this before she brings it up; just give people a link to a good video and let them decided. At her young and tender age she should not bring this up in school, as the kids would laugh as well as the teacher. They will not take the time to study it and, quite frankly, people are too brainwashed. People, young and old, want to be part of a crowd and don’t want to be booted out because of their beliefs.

Some may say, “You should not have said anything to a 13 year old; maybe if she was older, OK.” I disagree with that. That is like saying, “You should not tell your child about Jesus Christ and the Old Testament stories as they would be laughed at. We all know that most people are not Christians at school and Christians seem to be keeping silent now. Yet, we Christians know that we should tell our children about the Bible. We know that they will get flack for their beliefs but we tell them anyway. Many children laugh at others about the Christian beliefs but that is just the chance they have to take. Naturally, we prepare them and say if they don’t want to listen, then don’t force it on them. The verbal attacks and snickers eventually stop and the kids play together again.

I hope that the above will give you some ideas of how to introduce the flat earth children. Children have a natural curiosity and they want to learn. So, we should introduce that to our teaching. When they learn the truth about this, they will – hopefully – learn other Bible truths. Thus, they are better prepared for life ahead. Truth helps people in life: they know what is right and wrong, who to trust, how to act, and how to live a good life.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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