Eyes to See, Body That Feels and Brain to Think, part 2

no 1,000mph wind

No 1,000mph wind up here!


by Mr. John G. Abizaid

Note: This booklet was originally printed in 1910; this came from the 2rd addition in 1912. The grammar and the punctuational is the same as in the original.

Chapter 2

The Land

The land is solid and all in one piece, joined together under the ocean all over the earth.

The earth cannot be round and in motion as they claim in the geographies, but flat and stationary, because the water is liquid and level and it proves that the land is flat and not moving.

Another proof which shows that the earth is standing still and not moving is to be found in the wind, which they call the atmosphere.

If the earth is turning around daily it will give wind from one direction only.

If you see a train running you will find out that it is giving wind in one direction. But when it stops the wind stops with it.

Nobody ever felt the wind blowing at the same rate daily, but they will feel the wind blowing at times very hard and and at other times very gently, and often from different directions, and sometimes there is very little wind. This is good proof to show the earth is stationary. If the earth was in motion in one direction, it would make the wind pressure in the same direction always.

You will find my proof to show you that the earth is not moving:

If, when you go up in a balloon or airship, starting from a certain place and going as high as you can and when you come down find that the place gone from under you, then you may believe that the earth has moved; but if you find yourself in the same place, or not so very far away from your starting point, then it is plain that the earth is stationary and not moving at all, and this is what really happens.

If, moreover, the earth is turning around and the birds or airships are flying the same way, they will find themselves over the same place they were before. If they fly in the opposite direction of the turning of the earth, they will find themselves flying very fast and always over different places. If you think this over you will find these proofs correct.

After all, the earth cannot be round, because most of it is water, and water cannot be anything but level, as I have given proofs in Chapter 1.

Take a pan of water and turn it upside down, and I am sure the water will fall out. Also, if the earth turns around, the water of the ocean would destroy a great many cities, towns and countries. But the earth cannot be turning or in motion. If it is turning, we should know it immediately, because we have eyes to see, bodies to feel and brains to think with.

Suppose you were riding on a train, car or boat, you would know that you were on something that is shaking. When the train or cars goes up hill or down hill, you can easily tell, even with your eyes closed whether it is going up or down.

It is the same way with the earth. If the earth is turning around or is in motion, we would know it from many different things, as I said before.

They say that there is gravity in the earth which holds everything on it when it turns around. They give these proofs to the people and children in school, and most of them believe such foolish things as that. Their proofs do not amount to anything, but it is all guess-work, because nobody ever felt it or saw it.

I was surprised to know that some people believe in things that were never seen or felt. But the things they can see and feel they pay no attention to. They say if you drop anything it will fall down to the ground, they only think of the law of gravitation takes it down.

Oh, I am sorry for them! They ought to know better than that. They ought to know that heavy things, and all things that have no power like dead bodies, will go down themselves. But some things have power, like the bird, or light things like smoke, and so forth; they will go up, or any way they like. If there was a law of gravity it would bring them down also. Most of the people know up from down, and ought not to believe this foolish thing. I feel sorry that the children are taught about gravity, and that the earth is round and travelling around the sun, and also that the sun is larger than the earth.

There is no gravity at all, for if there was a person could not move a step, and if a bird was on the ground it could not fly in the air again, because the gravity would hold it back. If there is gravity, it is not everywhere, and cannot hold everything, such as gas, balloons, airships, etc.

Here is another proof to show that the earth is flat and stationary: –

If the earth is round and in motion, as they claim, we should know, for when it turns around, at times we should find our heads and feet and the world above us, as though a person were standing on a ceiling and his head downwards and his feet up.

If we were held fast to the earth by gravity, or tied by ropes, we should feel it, and know which way the earth is turning with us.

What we attribute to gravity is really the Law of Density. Ed.

But there is no such thing as gravity, because no one ever felt it. You must not think that you are an intelligent being because you know a great many things. I am sure that no person knows everything in the world. You ought not to believe everything that people say – that the earth is round and in motion, and that the sun is stationary and larger than the earth, etc., until you have examined the facts and found out the truth and follow it.

I think I have given you enough proofs to change your minds about the earth’s being round and in motion.

You will find in Chapter 3 proofs about the sun going around in a circle above the earth.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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