The So-Called Big Bang Explosion

The So-Called Big Bang Explosion

By Richard

big bang hoax lieBoth evolutionist and many Christians believe in the ‘big bang theory.’ Now, we know that evolutionists believe that everything evolved very slowly over billions of years. Christians, who mix this heathen belief with Christianity think that life got here over billions of years, too. Well, I’m about to show them that their belief in what happened is contrary to ‘everything evolved slowly over billions of years,’ and thus show they are not consistent with their own belief system. How?

Evolutionists tell us that there was a huge explosion and from this all the stars planets, satellites and solar systems came into being. So, you have all these trillions of stars formed. Now, I’d like to ask them a question: How do you get spheres or globes to come into existence? With all the explosions that has happened on earth – whether it be man-made or by nature – we don’t get these perfect little balls? You can take a look at all the bombs that were dropped in various wars – has there ever been an instance where the debris formed spheres or anything close to it? Yet, we are told that from the very start – before anything could evolve – there were theses trillions of spheres formed, and it did it the very first time there was an explosion. Amazing!

If all of this wasn’t enough lunacy, here is another one. How did groups of these debris form into solar system with one star, a bunch of planets and with many of these planets having satellites; all of this precisely timed and much more complex than any computer system. How could this happen from the very beginning without time to evolve?

Now, you have all these perfectly formed globes of stars and planets, forming in groups known as ‘solar systems,’ keeping their precision while travelling away from the the Big Bang at the speed of light. How is this done?

big bang hoaxIt get worse! We are told by professors of astronomy and astrophysics that all heavenly bodies are still travelling from the centre of the Big Bang at the speed of light. Question, how can life withstand such speed? How can ANY material object – even blocks of steel – withstand the force exerted by such speeds? How can a delicate atmosphere – made of any kind of gas – withstand such speed? IT CAN’T!

One more big of lunacy and that is, how did ‘gravity’ evolve? After all, with all these planets ‘pulling and pushing’ each other, there must be gravity – right? And since all these ‘planets’ were here since the inception of the Big Bang, how did gravity with all its complexity have time to evolve? The fact of the matter is, none of this evolution stuff, including the Big Bang, solar systems, speed of stars and gravity is true. It’s all a hoax.

Now, let’s get back to creation – “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…”

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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1 Response to The So-Called Big Bang Explosion

  1. doctorlambda says:

    The by far largest and by far most complicated clock in existence supposedly happens to have been created by accident. The fact that people believe this just because authorities say it’s so reminds me of Orwell’s 1984. As long as you have enough authority —which you gain through shows and good marketing— you can make people believe anything at all. Time slowing, space bending, life on any planet, anything. I am convinced that they could literally make the general public believe that Smurfs truly live on Mars.


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