Flat Earth Critic From A Fellow Christian

Flat Earth Critic From A Fellow Christian

I just came across a sermon by a Christian Identity pastor by the name of Jeromy John Visser who attacks flat earth believers. His attack is pretty poor and much like those who are not Christian. The flat earth topic is mixed in with several other topics that are not even related, which I don”t understand.

Below is the link to the video if you want to hear it. However, I would like to make some comments on this malicious attack of Christians who also believe in the flat earth.

Visser paraphrases the Bible and says that: ‘that God sits on the sphere or circle of the earth.’ His first mistake is that the Bible does not use the word ‘sphere’, unless he is using one of those modern-day Bibles created by non-Christians in order to prove their interpretation, and not the KJV.

He also paraphrases the Bible and says that the world hangs on nothing. Now, this is true but he can’t get in his mind that you can have a flat earth and it hangs on nothing. This is what Yahweh, God said and I believe it; all flat earthers believe it. Otherwise you’d have to believe that it sits on some other land. But if that is the case, where does that sit on? – the back of a huge turtle? Lol.

The next claim is that some Rabbi Sodie invented the flat earth. Now, the flat earth might be mentioned in the Talmud but does that make it false? It might be mentioned in other health religions but because it has, does this alone make it false? The fact is, that these other people got the flat earth from Christians and if they put it in their writings is simply that they are copying what they heard. In regardless to the flat earth, they at least got that right.

Visser says ‘the truth movement is being inundated by idiots and deceivers’ – implying flat earthers. There is a lot of implications to flat earthers here and he gets quite mean. If he read other articles on this website – if he had been here – he would not use those words.

He also said ‘we must use sound doctrine’ and he quotes a verse – again implying that flat earthers doesn’t use sound doctrine. He should look to himself!

Another quote, ‘Anything that the Bible says trumps what man said and if the Bible says the earth is round it would trump what others say that is contrary.’ This is a typical critic’s argument – they imply what they say is the truth, so anything that is contrary is wrong. Sure, this is what the Bible says BUT when it’s used to support something that is not true, he hopes that the listener follows along.

All of the above is the first four minutes of the video. Now, it gets ludicrous – it’s funny. Jeromy Visser said, ‘I’ve been on planes flying to the Vatican and you can look out the window and see the earth is round.’ If this isn’t absurd, I don’t know what is! Lol. It’s also revealing and I’ll talk about that in a minute.

When you look out a window when you are flying, do you see a round earth? Do you see any curvature? I don’t. I see a flat horizon that goes up the the level of my eyes – which is one proof (of many) that the earth is flat. If we are on a globe that would not happen. Or, are they making windows with fish-eye lens! We know that they aren’t, at least at the writing.

I thought about what he said, and I’m glad that he said it as it reveals a previously unknown condition that the world is being subject to. I never read or heard anyone talking on this subject before, so I’ll do so.

If pastor Vissor is honest in what he said, and I’ve heard others say the same thing by critics of the flat earth, it reveals something very interesting. I had to create a new phrase for this and that is digital overlay If you fly once a year, for example, but during that year you see 1,000 images or CGI of a globe earth. Then when you fly, you look out the window. Then later, when you recall your trip and asked how it looked out the window, you would say the earth has a curve to it. Now, this is just a theory but it explains how some people can honestly think they saw something that they really didn’t. Because, back in their recollection is also the 1,000 images they had seen something that was created digitally and is overlaid on the real memory they had. Because, what they had seen on the evening news, for example, is much more often than their flight that happened a year ago. So, I call this, for a lack of any other word, digital overlay; I’ll trade mark that, too: digital overlay TM

I dare say that this digital overlay TM can and does happen with anything else that we are constantly shown on the computer or TV and changes our real memory experience, but I’ll leave that for now.

The other interesting thing I want to point out that Visser said, and I think he slipped up, was that when he fly to the Vatican many times. So, what is a person who knows the falsehoods about the Catholic Church and knows about the dark deeds theJesuits do, visiting the Vatican? He knows about the Pope and how he deceives the people. So, when Visser said that deceivers have came into the church, who is he talking about?

About half way through this video Visser said the year was 2015. Now, this is when the flat earth information really took off and it was when I first learned about it and started to write about it. I’m wondering if he had seen some of my posts. If so, he didn’t mention it.

Finally, at the 37 minute mark that he said if you look out your window you can see that the Moon is round. Well, I could hold up a dinner plate and it’s round, too, but that does not make it a globe, nor does it tell me (by looking at the Moon) that it’s 242,000 miles away (or whatever the distance is now).

About this other sermon that he said he would make just on the globe earth, I haven’t seen it. If you have seen it, kindly let me know and send me the link. I would be interested in listening to it. Maybe Visser found our more about what we actually say but was too embarrassed to say he was wrong, I don’t know.

I highly recommend that he, and other critics, actually read what is on this website before making a conclusion; before looking foolish and shooting off your mouth.

Side note: Visser talks about we are not to use four letter words and said that the Bible uses the word ‘profanity.’ yet, at the very end of the video, he talked about meeting someone (which includes flat earthers, though it’s implied) that, and I quote, ‘I would hit him ____ in the mouth!’ You actually heard a bleep but you know he would have said the ‘F word.’ So, he just did what he condemned!


To sum up this, Jeromy Visser has not taken the time to read and watch what us flat earthers really believe and talk on that – to either prove we are wrong or to agree. He does not mention another 50 verses where God talks about the earth, Sun and Moon. He does not talk about the other word of God, and that is nature, specifically the laws of physics. God created that, too, but Visser never once commented on that.

The attack on flat earthers seem to follow the same pattern – whether they come from other Christians or from non-Christians. Hopefully, you are aware of what to expect and how to answer them.

Just like a jury that listens to a criminal case, they have to listen to both sides before they make a decision; the same goes for a judge. King Solomon said, he who judges a matter before he hears it is a fool.

About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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1 Response to Flat Earth Critic From A Fellow Christian

  1. I would pay no mind to Visser, as he is a government sponsored informant. Within Duel-Seedline Christian Identity, of which he claims to be the sole leader, he has become a pariah. After finding out about his son Phineas Visser being convicted of raping a 79 year old woman, Visser himself admitting of the his past as a crack dealer in Washington State, as well as a stalking charge after threatening to torch his wife, daughter and mother-in-law while they slept, he is now a persona-non-grata within the Faith.

    Even his own forum is nothing more than self-created accounts where he is the only member. I wouldn’t waste anytime on this charlatan anymore.

    I would be happy to answer any questions on my show, as well as in personal email.


    Pastor Andy.


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