An In-depth Look At What Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg’s Plans Are For Controlling Your Life

An In-depth Look At What Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg’s Plans Are For Controlling Your Life

Beware beginnings! As Cuomo said, they’re not setting the Covid-19 infrastructure up for a one-time use. We’re seeing the use of QR codes to restrict access and mobility in other countries. We’re witnessing the convergence of data profiling and social credit scoring, too.

With smart cities there will come a day when one’s actions will be regulated through Ethereum smart contracts. If you cannot digitally demonstrate your rights, they will not exist. All of it automated, untouchable, and most certainly racialized. Imagine the amount of racist gatekeeping that can be embedded in smart cities coded to profit global finance? We will be expected to wander through their augmented reality gamified maze, demonstrating our good behavior in order to survive.

They want us to become independent actors, allied only with our digital doppelgangers – free market agents, data brands. I have to hope this is not the future most people want and we can mobilize around another vision grounded in reciprocity and communal care.

The map below shows what the early stages of this looks like in the United Kingdom. Bloomberg Philanthropies works with both NESTA and Behavioural Insights Team. They are pioneering IoT wearable tech associated with social impact finance health interventions. This goes along with Bloomberg’s push for government innovation, city dashboards, and digitized public services.

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