Better Alternative Than Hydroxychloroquine

Better Alternative Than Hydroxychloroquine

There is much talk about the use of Hydroxychloroquine in fighting covid-19. Patriots and all those in the alternative media are upset in getting their accounts closed who mention this on social media sites. They get angry and frustrated about Hydroxychloroquine being bad-mouth and doctors threatened if they administer this. But could there be a reason for this that is more than what we normally think of? Could God be using this as a means to get His People to turn?

What do I mean?

If you are a Christian, you should recall that God work ALL things towards good for those who love Him. And that is, could He be telling us to look for other methods, other remedies to over come covid-19 than Hydroxychloroquine? I think so.

Mike, himself mentioned other things we can take, such as mega doses of vitamin C.

The problem with focusing on Hydroxychloroquine is, that people who read this and believe it will work are left helpless. They realise that it’s impossible to get their doctor to prescribe it to them. If they are already in hospital, that it would be impossible to get it. So, they think that there is nothing else they can do. Thus, they give up. They give up because they can’t get the drug themselves nor their doctor.

A few days ago, I heard a doctor that supports the use of Hydroxychloroquine and said that the administrative dosage is 400 milligrams; another doctor used 600 because he did not use the added zinc. However, this same doctor said that what the FDA used to “prove” that Hydroxychloroquine does not work is, when they gave it in amounts of 2,500 milligrams – which is fatal. When I heard this, I thought this is not really a safe drug to give. Why? Because, if you happen to get 5-6 times more than what is commonly administered, you can die! Now, what if you got “only” 3 times more? You can be sure there would be some kind of toxic effect, you might not die but there will be side effects – perhaps life long ones.

But what about all the natural foods and nutrients that you can take that will fight covid-19 that has NO SIDE EFFECTS? Wouldn’t this be better than Hydroxychloroquine. What about substances that there is NO restrictions on getting it – because it’s food or a natural vitamin. With certain foods being able to fight covid-19, then we should not even worry about the pharmaceutical companies trying to keep this off the market. We can turn to other remedies.

If my understanding is correct, and God wants to have His People look to a natural alternative, that has NO side effects, and that is readily available, would not this be what He would do? After all, if Hydroxychloroquine was available over the counter, and people heard about this on the news, this would be the only thing that they would use when they came down with a cold (which is what covid really is, but that is another story). The people would not look no further than another pharmaceutical drug.

Why even consider a drug, as all drugs have side effects. Just pick up any drug or do a search and read of the contraindicative effects they have; the list is long on most drugs.

Fear not what the media and government is saying. Let them have their Hydroxychloroquine. We’ll take what’s natural, such as eating raw fruits and vegetables, along with getting plenty of sunshine.

If you are serious about fighting this covidvirus, and you want to do it naturally, then I suggest you check out this site to learn more. Not a fancy site but one that has more health truth than most alternative health sites out there. Click Here.


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