International Space Station Docking

International Space Station Docking

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The ISS video portion is not to scale. If the ISS is supposed to be 200 miles up or less, then the Earth is COMPLETELY out of proportion, it should be MUCH bigger than what we see in the video. the reason no stars are seen is because the entire thing is shot in a practice pool with green screen. NASA will argue the shutter speed of the camera isn’t correct, or the resolution isn’t set to render faint stars…blah blah blah…. My reply would be that Hasselblad lense engraved crosshairs from Apollo 11 surface pics, shouldn’t cover anything photographed either. And we can find AMPLE evidence of that as well as staging and other elementary photomanipulations, that were cutting edge trickery in 1969, but are rudimentary and easily uncovered with today’s technology.

Many ISS crew video interviews have many strange anomalies. Fake bouncing by the crew, no roaring jet engine background noise. Obvious attempts of distraction by playing with handheld microphones “floating” back and forth between crew members. Tons of chromakey green screen use can be found in almost all ISS crew interview videos.




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