Attack on People Who Believe Coronavirus Is a Hoax

Attack on People Who Believe Coronavirus Is a Hoax

Here is the latest hit piece of by those who attack people who believe the coronavirus is a hoax.

I will put my answers in regular font and the statements/questions in italics.

Question #1) Many in the alternative media reported on the New York City nurse who filmed undercover video and blew the whistle on how NYC hospitals were killing patients by rooming non-infected patients with coronavirus-infected patients, allowing transmission to occur. But how can non-infected patients be killed by the coronavirus if the coronavirus is a hoax?

First, no one was infected with the coronavirus. That does not mean that no one died. The “non-infected patients” we were “told” that they were infected but, in reality, they were killed by other means, such as: by putting them on a ventilator and being heavily sedated the whole time.

Question #2) Alternative media outlets that are currently reporting the coronavirus to be a “hoax” are also reporting on how the mainstream media lied and covered up the story of how hydroxychloroquine can effectively and affordably treat coronavirus patients. If the coronavirus is a hoax, then what exactly is hydroxychloroquine treating, then?

When a person says, that “critics of the coronavirus says,” is a blanket statement. That does NOT mean that everyone who is a critic of the coronavirus said this.

As far as the hydroxychloroquine, this could be good to fight the common cold and other flu-like symptoms not something that is called covid-19. There are many other things that fight a common cold – which has no side effects. I, personally do not recommend hydroxychloroquine, as getting plenty of vitamin D with zink is better and has no side effect! Staying away from processed food, white flour and white rice, etc., is a better option.

I will break down the following into separate parts.

Question #3) Many in the independent media are now pushing “mask hysteria” and claiming that wearing a mask causes death by asphyxiation or carbon dioxide poisoning. Yet Asian cultures — Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, etc. — have been wearing masks in public for decades, without a single recorded event of someone dying from wearing a mask.

Did this person look at all the records, from all the nations, from all the health organizations in the world? No. Again, this is a blanket statement. What usually happens is:

  • a person takes off his/her mask before they die
  • a person falls down do to a lack of oxygen and someone else helps him/her
  • if a person dies, it would be because of other conditions

The other conditions could be: heart failure, COPD, other breathing conditions. They certainly would not put it down to a face mask.

So, culture can have face masks for decades with people thinking that they are harmless.

Surgeons wear masks during surgery without passing out,

Yes, they do, however, there are the following to consider:

  • doctors do not wear face masks all day, as many workers are required
  • doctors do work up a temperature and that is why you often hear of nurses having to wipe their brow

Some doctors do work too long and thus, make mistakes in surgery because of a lack of oxygen. Though you won’t hear them admit it. However you do hear of many deaths caused by medication and operations that could be avoided. For operations, some of them would be a lack of oxygen. This is where a doctor thinks that he’s alright but really isn’t.

Here is an analogy. A man is driving down the road, gets sleepy and has an accident. A second man is sleepy but keeps on going and makes it home. Finally, another man, realises he is sleepy, pulls into a motel and has some sleep. Does that mean it’s OK to drive while sleepy? No. But driving just a little, while sleepy puts you into higher risk.

and masks are routinely worn by construction workers to filter particular matter such as sawdust, drywall dust and paint.

Yes, masks are safe and somewhat effective for this kind of work. Coronavirus septics do not deny this. The reason why is, that the particles, as described above, are larger than the pores on a mask. That makes a huge difference!

If these masks have been safe and effective for more than fifty years, how did masks suddenly and magically become deadly and toxic in the last three months? Did the laws of physics change?

This is implying that masks are safe and effective. This is an old trick when trying to beat your opponent when you don’t have the facts. Face masks are effective against sawdust but not something as small a viruses or even molecules. So, this has nothing to do with the laws of physics but with people who are dishonest!

Question #4) Coronavirus pandemic skeptics claim all the infections and deaths are faked. But if all the deaths are faked, then why did those who are faking the deaths decide to keep dropping the daily death numbers from mid April through the end of June? If they’re faking all the deaths, then wouldn’t they want to keep faking more and more of them to make the pandemic look worse and worse? Why would they fake fewer deaths over time?

Not all deaths and infections are fake. What the people do who are involved in this coronavirus scare do is a combination of things. Keep that in mind, as it’s very important. Those who do die of the flu or pneumonia are put down as covid-19; those who die of a heart attack but also have flu like symptoms are put down as covid cases, then put down as a death statistic. Then there are numbers that are completely made up. The combination is given to the media and in turn, tells you.

As for the numbers dropping, this is to give the public that some success is made. After all, the medical profession has to come up with something that looks like success to make it look like the lock down did its job. So, they play with the numbers. If the numbers remained the same; if the numbers increased, people would start saying that the lock down was useless. So, now that the people see “success” they will be like sheep for the slaughter when the “second wave” comes along, which we are constantly reminded will happen; that there will be another lock down; that the “second wave” will be worse than the first one. It’s all part of the game.

Question #5) Many independent media outlets that originally reported the coronavirus was a “genetically engineered biological weapon” designed to depopulate the planet are now reporting it’s all a hoax. But then they simultaneously report that Obama’s NIH, under Dr. Fauci, directed money to the Wuhan virology lab that built the weapon in the first place. If the coronavirus is a hoax, then there’s no story about Obama and Fauci funding a biological weapon “gain of function” program in China. How can both be true?

It’s normal for someone to think that an event is real only to find out that it’s a hoax later – it’s called learning! Since no one that has an alternative media blog or any individual knows the deepest secret that is going on, can only speculate. There could have been plans to make this coronavirus a weapon, and maybe they did. But it fizzled out, that it was not as contagious as they hoped it would be. It could have started in a lab, but it did not go as planned, but the “Elite” that were behind it, thought it would be good to run with it. So, to make it look real they just made up cases, they widen the symptoms to add more to their cases, and added people who had other underlying conditions. But the bases is still a hoax and rightly be called that – because of how they get X number of cases and X number of deaths per day.

Question #6) In June, it was widely reported across the independent media that coronavirus infections caused the body’s cells to “sprout tentacles” that allowed the virus to attack adjacent cells and infect them. This was widely reported as more evidence that the virus was a genetically engineered biological weapon. As an example of the coverage, Zero Hedge reported:

There are long strings that poke holes in other cells and the virus passes through the tube from cell to cell,” said UCSF’s Director of the Quantitative Biosciences Institute, Professor Nevan Krogan. “Our hypothesis is that these speed up infection.”

So how can the coronavirus sprout “tentacles” if it doesn’t exist and is a total hoax?

That does not mean that everyone who believes covid is a hoax believe this story – certainly not those, including myself; that virus do not exist as we are told. So, this is an example of putting words into your opponent’s mouth!

Question #7: As Gary Heaven recently wrote in a Natural News article about coronavirus treatments that work, the common inhaler anti-inflammatory drug budesonide works extremely well to treat and cure covid-19 infections. A well-known doctor, Dr. Richard Bartlett, has been actively promoting the treatment as an alternative to expensive Big Pharma drugs and vaccines, proving that he’s not a pawn of the drug cartels:

If budesonide successfully treats patients who have covid-19, curing them and allowing them to leave the hospital and return to normal life, then what is budesonide treating if the coronavirus is a hoax? How can anyone simultaneously claim the coronavirus is a hoax and also claim the media is suppressing cures that work to treat it?

Again, many critics of coronavirus never heard of budesonide, including myself, so you can’t speak for everyone. But IF this drug is treating something, it’s most likely the flu from the common cold. The common cold, pneumonia and other lung diseases IS real but not this covid-19 AND how it’s suppose to be traveling through the air.

Also, keep in mind that the medical industry/government/media is very wicked; they do as much as they can to set up a person or organization and knock them down, as has been done in the past. With that in mind, it’s common to have one alternative news outlet contradict themselves in order to expose them later. Thus, getting more people on the side of the government party line. This could be the case here.

Question #8) Coronavirus skeptics explain that coronavirus deaths are faked in the United States because hospitals receive extra funding for every death that’s considered coronavirus-related. Thus, people who die from other causes are said to have died from coronavirus so that hospitals can receive extra funds from Medicare. But Medicare doesn’t pay hospitals in Italy, Brazil, Mexico or Russia, and the same financial incentives don’t exist in most countries. So how do you explain all the dead bodies in Guayaquil, Ecuador? Or the skyrocketing death rates in Brazil? Or the massive die-offs in Italy, where it would have been impossible to recruit thousands of doctors and nurses to participate in a grand false flag theatrical production?

First, you admit of the corrupt government are paying hospitals extra money for each covid patient. That should tell you that you only do this is if you are perpetrating a hoax. As for the other countries, the following could be or is the case:

It northern Italy, people were dying off because most of them were 80 + and had several underlying health conditions – as one government official admitted. This is also an area of 5-G towers in use – which has flu-like symptom effects that was added to the numbers.

As for other countries, they probably use the same tactics that were mentioned above. Also, we don’t know how much the country or political leaders get from those that are pushing this NWO. Though this is speculative, there is a motive behind all this, so each nation plays its part.

Question #9) If the initial lockdowns didn’t work, then why did coronavirus daily deaths plummet soon after the lockdowns went into effect? And why are coronavirus deaths now beginning to surge back a few weeks after the lockdowns were relaxed? If the doctors, nurses, hospitals and coroners wanted to fake all the deaths, wouldn’t they want to keep faking more deaths, not fewer deaths?

The government/industrial complex had to make like the lock downs work. Otherwise it would be harder to come with another lock down – which they admit many times is coming. You can’t lock people down forever without them rebelling without showing some sign of “success.” Now, that they know that this tactic works, it will be used again and again.

As for the “surging” of covid cases, it’s to “prove” to the people that by gathering in large numbers and not keeping 2 metre distance, covid-19 is real; we must obey the authorities. This strategy that they are using is working and that is why they have local or state lock downs – because people are convinced that this covid is real. The numbers go down with the lock down. Then, after a time, with too much “close contact” the numbers go up again, so another lock down is needed.

So, faking more and more deaths will not do it – the government has got to create a roller-coaster ride to show that their strategy is “working.”

Question #10) For months, we’ve been told by the independent media that “fear” is the problem, and that those talking about coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths were “pushing fear.” They said things like, “We need to flatten the fear curve,” and urged complete calm for everyone. Not long after, they turned around the told everybody you should be terrified of masks. So if “fear” is the enemy here, then why push fear about masks? Will all these same media pundits also tell us that children shouldn’t wear masks this Halloween and claim that children will drop dead all across America if they put on masks?

Again, believers in covid are painting their critics with a wide brush, which is a common technique when you don’t have all the facts. They use part of the truth and that part is, yes, we say don’t fear covid but we never said don’t fear anything! This is a deliberate case of taking something out of context.

People with independent minds, people who see through lies are not afraid of going out with our friends, of being in large groups and traveling on public transport without a mask. But there are times when we should be fearful. Example, when you see a mama bear and you are near her cub. Or when you see a wolf near you. This is a God-given emotion you are given. In short, there are times t fear and times not to fear. And, you don’t fear a lie.

Now, dividing the fear and no fear of masks is this: We do NOT fear to be in a group without a mask and everyone else has one – they are the ones who fear. But we should fear having to wear a mask when it inhibits your breathing; we fear (in a way only) of the face mask being USED by the government of taking our freedom away down to the smallest detail. But to say that we are “terrified” of face masks is completely wrong. In fact we fear for the ignorant, of the boot-lickers who are in poor health that think they have to wear the mask.

Some people who claim to be Christian, or more concerned that children would be fearful of wearing a mask for Halloween – which is a pagan celebration, a Satanic one at that. So, if the children are fearful of wearing a face mask and don’t wear one for Holloween – GOOD, they shouldn’t (though they should be told the real story behind Halloween).

Again, Truth-Seekers never said “we would drop dead of wearing a face mask” as this is putting words into our mouth. But the believers in covid know this so they can “win” their argument.

But what is not mentioned is, that Truth-Seekers see the deeper implications that our critics do not bring up. Wearing a mask is the pretext for keeping us separate from each other, as we can’t see the expression on peoples faces, of seeing their smile, of being HUMAN. Maybe because all of this is being perpetrated at the highest levels of children of the devil.

Question #11) If the coronavirus isn’t real, then why are many publishers who claim the pandemic is a “hoax” also telling people to take vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and anti-viral supplements? Obviously, if the pandemic is fake, there’s no need to protect yourself from it. So why recommend immune-boosting supplements in the first place?

For the simple reason that it does fight the common cold but this is only part of what you should do to stay healthy. Many Truth-Seekes also know about alternative healing modalities and nutrition. Part of that is – to consume things that are natural. This will not only fight the common cold but other health conditions. If you have the common cold, bronchitis or pneumonia, you will certainly be classified as having this super-infectious Covid-19, which means you can be put under house arrest. No body what’s that, so this is one way to avoid it.

In general, you always need to have vitamin C, D, zinc and many other nutrients. So, by recommending this, is in no way saying that we believe that covid is real out of the other side of our mouth. So, this is a very weak argument by the covid believers. It’s ALWAYS good to boost your immune system, even if this covid never came about. It’s COMMON SENSE.

Question #12) If masks are so dangerous and kill people, then why are so many pro-liberty people perfectly fine with wearing Guy Fawkes masks? What about Halloween masks?

Again, generalisation, generalisation. You can’t compare a Guy Fawkes mask with a medical mask, as there is more open space to breath. In fact, the mouth is open on some. Then, they can put it on and take it off when they want – you can’t do this if your employer requires you to wear it! Finally, about 99% of the pro-liberty people, including myself, have never worn this mask. So, it’s a pointless argument.

These 12 common questions are a weak defense for believing in this covid nonsense.


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