How Do You Spot A False Flag Event?

How Do You Spot A False Flag Event?

Published by Christian Flat Earth

As you know there have been many false flag events and they all have an agenda. So, it’s good to know what to look for. The agenda could be for the passage of a new law, for economic benefit to someone or for social engineering.

A false flag event could be totally fabricated, or it could be mixed – where some of it is real and others not. The most benign ones is produced by NASA where there is some “space news” of a discovery of a new planet, etc.

This is not meant to be an all inclusive list of how to spot a false flag but it should help you when you view some news event. You might have something that I’m not aware of, so you can add that to the list below.

Some things to look for:

  • Crises “actors”
  • Contradictions in the story
  • No logic
  • Media doesn’t question the official story
  • Government fast on telling “who done it”
  • Covering up of evidence
  • Witnesses mysteriously killed
  • Government workers and others signing “non-disclosure” statements
  • Photographic evidence that proves otherwise
  • Media doesn’t question the official story
  • Government fast on telling “who done it”
  • Media pushing an agenda right after the event

The above should give you a pretty good idea of what to look for when you hear of a mass shooting, for example. You might be able to spot a false flag before you read it on some big alternative news site on the internet.

Keep in mind that the flat earth is not the only thing that has been covered up. If the flat earth truth is the first thing you have come across in your general search for the truth, your next question should be: “What else have they lied to us about?” When you know what to look for, you’ll find that there are many things that the government lies about.

So, let’s look at each of the above and how this has shown up in real false flag events.

Crises “actors”

Any time “actors” are used, this should be a red flag. Why have “actors/actresses” in a real event? Of course, we are told that there are no actors in the event. So, the next thing is, how do you spot them if actors are used? This will be a subsection of the list above. So let’s see how to find out of the victims are real or not?

  1. If you don’t see real emotions, no tears
  2. If you see one person giving many interviews
  3. There is no blood
  4. The person or people don’t show signs of pain
  5. When the “actor” shows up at another “tragic” event
  6. That the person involved is actually listed as an actor
  7. Acting in a manner that is not appropriate

Spotting any of the above is a sure indication that there are “actors” involved. Naturally, you may ask, “Why have crises actors?” The American government gives the excuse, “We must be prepared for such an event.” This is a cheap lie. It’s kind of macabre that they should come up with such a thing to begin with. But crises actors had to be made in order to create false flag events. After all, if it’s going to be false, you need people to play in it.

Contradictions in the story

Many times there are contractions in the story. It’s one thing that one newspaper from their sources come up with one figure and another media source another one. But when you have the government changing its story – this is a sure sign of a false flag. Their changes are not once but several times.

No logic

No logic is a good indication that something is fake. If you take the recent Orlando, Florida, shooting, you see the national media coverage of injured being carried back in the direction of the Pulse nightclub! You never do this, and I’m not talking about a distance of a 10-20 feet but about 150 feet.

In The World Trade Towers bombing, you have a lot of things that happened that did not make logical sense to what we were told. We were told that the buildings came down because of a plane. A modern steel skyscraper has never came down because of a plane crash or fire – NEVER. But it did on September 11, 2001. We know it did come down but not by passenger plane or fire but by explosive deceives placed on each floor by each supporting structure – that’s how it came down.

You also see, in the 9-11 event, a video where the plane wing went behind a building in the background! This is an impossibility; an indication that computer manipulation of the video was done.

Media doesn’t question the official story

In a free press society it’s natural that the media should ask questions. If some of the public can figure that something is wrong, the media should, too. It seems that no matter how outlandish the story is by the government, the major networks accepts it. Case in point: one terrorist’s passport in the 9-11 bombing was found a couple of blocks away (keeping in mind he was in the burning plane)! Yea, sure.

Government fast on telling “who done it”

In the 9-11 event, we were told almost immediately it was Ben Ladin and his gang. Naturally they took credit for it (to make them look more of a threat to the world). But how could they have placed all the military bombs on each floor, passing all the security, having the training to do this, getting their hands on the explosives to begin with and pulling this off? No way could Arabs in a cave with cell phones do this!

Government not following its own laws in regards to collecting evidence

American laws (like most nations’ laws) calls for the collecting of evidence, taking it to a laboratory and finding out what happened. In the case of 9-11, all the waste was immediately shipped off to China for them to melt and reuse. As a side note, it would be interesting to know if the Chinese secretly went over the evidence and has the proof sitting somewhere in a government office, ha, ha!

Witnesses mysteriously killed

Notice if any witnesses to the event: committed suicide, had a car accident, or died of a heart attack. Put all of these in quotes and this is the excuse that the government gives for their deaths.

Government workers and others signing “non-disclosure” statements

When the government has civil servants and non-civil servants sign a secrecy statement of some kind, this is like saying, “Keep your mouth shut or we’ll kill you!” Many times we are told by some government official “that it’s a matter of national security,” when clearly it’s not, when the public ought to know.

Photographic evidence that proves otherwise

Many times photos and videos will reveal the truth. Case in point is the collapse of Building 7 on 9-11 when it was hit by no plane but completely collapsed on its own footprint (an indication of deliberate demolition).

What the media pushes right after the event

What do you read in the newspapers right after the event? Is there some push for some social agenda? A push for gun control? A push for accepting homosexual as normal people? Is there a push to say that the Muslim beliefs have nothing to do with killing the “kafirs” (non-believers we are called)?

Real Events

Now, there are real shooting events with a real gunman and people being killed. But with knowing what to look for you’ll be able to determine if it is real. Though a shooting event may be real, there is always a chance that the government might be behind it. I say “a chance” as there really might be a mad man out there or a jihadist doing it.

We know what the government can do with mind-altering drugs and their ability of making a person have multiple personalities. Then, the event is real but it’s still created in that the person could be under the control of some black opts program. If you are not familiar with a program called MK-Ultra, I suggest you do research on it.

Finally, there are shootings where the government has nothing to do with it but is the result of the person being a real psychopath. There are also shootings being the result of the person being on antidepressant which has known to turn a normal person into a killer. But of course, you will not hear in the media that it is the cause of a prescription antidepressant drug. After all, you don’t want to deprive Big Pharma of their profits. Even in cases where the government had nothing to do with it, they will turn it to their advantage. There was one high government official who said, “Never let a good tragedy go to waste.” In other words, they will use a mass killing, for example, to push gun control. They might say that the guy was a member of some racist group, but they will never say the person is a member of some anti-Christ communist organization or some group that supports the New World Order. After all if the enemies of the New World Order are not engaged in violence, they got to make it look like they are.

Anyhow, I hope that this list helps you in determining if some tragedy turns out not to be a tragedy at all.

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