Very Strange Reasoning by Globe Earth Believers

Driveway level 4

Can’t Level Driveway

Some critics of the flat earth really make it easy for us to refute them. Here is one case…

One argument that Kent Hovind said in one of his debunking videos is, he tried to level his driveway and try as he could, he couldn’t do it – or words to this effect. He was implying that since he couldn’t get his driveway exactly level, that supports the globe earth model. How stupid! The person he had on the video agreed with him, too.

Why doesn’t Kent try a carpenter’s level – it’s not rocket science! lol

Because you can’t make your driveway level does not prove a globe earth OR a flat earth.

Any construction worker or carpenter worth his salt will be able to get what they are working on level. If Kent told a master carpenter that his frame for a wall in the house is not level, he would show him that it is. If he persists, he would tell him to take a hike! When you don’t have something level it is because of the work that you did – NOT because the earth is a sphere!

If I lived in Kansas – which is a flat state – and I made my driveway on a slight incline, does that mean that the state is hilly? Of course not, but this is the silliness that some people go to, including science teachers, to “prove” that the earth is a globe.

By implication, does Kent Hovind think that because we live on a globe there there is no place on earth level?

If I live on a hill and I built my house on level ground and make a driveway on level ground, did I make the hill flat? Of course not, so why do people believe a statement like what Kent Hovind (and others like him) made?

Need I say more?

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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