Mike Adams: Coronavirus and Flat Earther Talk, Part 2

Mike Adams: Coronavirus and Flat Earther Talk, Part 2

In the audio below, Mike Adams talk about the Coronavirus being real and that those who believe it’s a hoax are like the flat earthers. Then, about 9 minutes in, why he would not debate us.

Some of his arguments are:

  • there has to be an agreement on some basics, like gravity
  • without agreements on basics, you can’t have a conversation
  • that we have an alternative view of physics
  • we have to agree on mental constructs

…with this, there is no bases for a conversation.

Now, have you ever heard of anything so absurd? Adams sounds intelligent, but when he talks on some subjects, it’s really, really stupid. I never heard of such a cop-out, such a lame excuse of not having a conversation with flat Earth people! Have you?

If you haven’t listened to the audio, please do so now.

Click Here

(Debating flat earthers, starts at about 9 minutes.)

Do you see what I mean?

He says, basically, if you don’t believe in gravity, we can’t have a discussion. This is the whole point – that gravity is not real (with all its magical qualities)! The whole purpose of any conversation where there is a disagreement is, that there is a DISAGREEMENT; in this case of gravity.

Part of a flat Earth discussion is about gravity not existing, not being able to keep water on a ball, etc., but its buoyancy and density that does it. Has Adams, who claims to be a “scientist,” know about this? Obviously not, so he should not call himself a scientist.

Concerning we have “an alternative view of physics” – we do not! It’s academia that says, for example, “water seeks its own level.” We agree that – no problem. But Adams and mainstream “science” changes its tune when it suits them when it comes to the flat stationary Earth. They do it when it comes to why we can’t feel the wind; why we don’t feel movement; why two different atmospheres can exist side-by-side without a containment, etc.

Then Adams brings up the example of seeing an astrological sign being different in the southern hemisphere than in the north; his claim being that it’s because we are on a globe. All he can do is put a picture on the ceiling, look at it from the top a bit of distance away, then look at it from the bottom and he’d it different. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out, but if you are a rocket scientist, you won’t be able to figure it out!” TM by CFEM

The irony is IF we live on a globe we would NOT be able to see the same starts at all in the South as we do in the North.

“Make sure what you believe is consistent with the laws of reality, otherwise you’ll have a bad day”, according to Adams says about flat earthers, “they have to have alternative physics.” Well, this is what the whole flat Earth debate is about: talking about physics. But this, he doesn’t want to discuss – maybe because he really isn’t a scientist, for scientists AND laypeople know that “water seeks its own level.”

This is the lamest excuse I’ve heard about not wanting to debate a flat earther but we know it’s a cheap cover-up for not being able to intelligently debate us. Now, there are other areas we can debate globe Earth believers without physics, such as, how come we have seen the same stars for thousands of years? Also, what the Bible says about the Earth (since Adams claims to be a Bible believing Christian). But he will not debate us in those areas, either.

This is the type of critics we have to deal with.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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  1. Bill Tinsley says:

    Why bother debating anyone with a closed mind. I think if they’re meant to see the truth, they will.b


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