How Something Can Be Made Real By Denying They Are Real

How Aliens Are Made Real by NASA

The Illuminati, Jews, or whomever you believe are in control have a clever way of covering up the flat earth truth. Here is a short video of William Cooper (deceased Sept. 2001) of how he used to believe in aliens and why he doesn’t now.

This video has been deleted by YouTube. We know the reason why, don’t we?

William Cooper was once in naval intelligence and it was then that he had witnessed a UFO, or so he thought. Since then he had spoken at UFO conferences about his experience. It wasn’t until years later that he discovered the truth – that UFO don’t exist. (Let me clarify this, anything can be a UFO until it’s identified. Planes can be a UFO until they are identified as a plane. So, in this context, when I use the term “UFO” we are talking about space ships from other planets.)

Now, this may sound as a contradiction but just read a bit more…

I think that NASA and others had a dilemma years ago, and they came up with a plan on how to fool the people. Their real aim is to get the public to believe that there are billions of planets out there; that there are some that might contain intelligent life, and that we can travel to other planets. They thought (my theory, anyhow) that most people will not believe in aliens, so the best way to get most of them TO believe in aliens is to deny they exist.

Now, this may seem counter-intuitive but it’ll work if the plans are carried out right. What you do is:

1 – Outright deny they exist

2 – Allow some slipping of videos in the public domain that shows something flying by, etc. Allow other “slip-ups” such as the face on Mars. But still deny aliens exist.

3 – Let other talk about Abductions, Contacts, etc. Let a few of your selected people create popular websites on the extra-terrestrial/paranormal theme, etc.

4 – Allow main-stream media cover UFO stories as a “matter-of-fact” articles so people who only believe what main-stream media says can start thinking, “Maybe UFOs are real.” No more critising believers as they did in the past.

5 – Allow UFO documents held by the government come forth through “The Freedom of Information Act.” These documents will point out that UFO do exist (though they really don’t).

6 – Finally, have various government agencies, such as NASA, naval intelligence, FBI, etc. finally admit that we have been visited by others; there is life on other planets, etc. Thus, mission complete.

What Do I Mean By All of This?

Again, my theory is, that if this plan is followed, it’s long in planning – even over several generations – the majority of people will believe in something to be a total lie by FIRST DENYING it exists, then admitting it does exist.

To explain in more detail, one would deny such live outside out planet exists but let pressure build up, make some “controlled slip-ups” to get people to question what the government is doing. Make phoney reports over the years that can be shown later to future generations. This way the public would think this is all genuine “After all, they are old documents and reports filed years ago, so this must be real.” This also gives the illusion that “the people are in control.”

Then, when NASA, for example, says that, “UFOs are real. Sorry, we covered it up as we thought you couldn’t take truth back then, but now we feel you need to know; it’s a matter of national emergency.” What purpose does this serve to say all this? I think it severs several agendas, such as:

  • Justification of NASA
  • Justification of huge defense spending
  • Bringing in a One World Government (ZOG)
  • International Banking
  • Taxing the people
  • Controlling the people
  • Covering up the fact that the earth is flat, with a dome, and that planets don’t exist as we know them
  • Keeping people from believing in the Bible (which really is the number one thing that the rulers really want)

NASA and others realize that the people will soon wake up – after all it’s hard to keep faking space fligths, man-made satellites, pictures of other planets, landing on the moon, etc. They realize that people will wake up – as they are doing now. If too many wake up and pressure is put on the government that means that their multi-billion dollar budget they get each year from Congress will dry up immediately. The extremely wealthy within NASA don’t like this, so they have to keep the con game going, and by introducing the “alien factor” this will do it.

Once People Accept the Belief in Aliens

Once the people accept the belief in aliens – and it will look genuine because the government “finally admits” that it’s true – then the money will keep pouring in. After all, we now have to be protected by aliens. That means 100’s of billions for defence, black ops projects, NASA, etc.

The bankers love this as this is how they make their money – through loans and interest on it.

“We must all pull together, we can’t be divided. The only way to fight this alien presence is by a One World Government.”

With increased spending, there are more taxes, with more taxes, that means less money for you, with less money for you means CONTROL.

With aliens from other planets, that means there must be other global planets and their star systems. This means that earth is a globe, too, and there there is no dome to prevent aliens from entering.

With the re-enforced belief that we are just one planet out of billions, people will remain agnostic, atheist or a member of some cult religion. These critics will continue to say, “How can you believe in the Bible when it says, ‘God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. That whosoever believes on Him shall not die but have ever-lasting life.’ Then what about all the other planets. If God has only one son, how can He send His son to other planets that have sin (surely their must be other planets with sin out of billions!). How do you explain this?”

This is what non-Christians will say and what will Christians answer? How can we be significant and special with God when there could be billions of other inhabitable planets out there?

Keeping the People From the Bible

The whole key, the real key to all this lie about the true nature of the earth is to keep the people from the Bible. Now, this may sound like I’m getting off the subject but I’m not. If the people are kept from believing in the Bible as the literal word of God – by whatever method that works – this means that the people will not look to the Bible for answers to everyday problems. The answers to problems like:





People will be looking to other man-made philosophies and modern-day New Age gurus for answers. They are turning to people like: Gregg Braden, David Icke, Jordon Maxwell, Deli Lama, etc.

Money is on most people’s minds and by not turning to the Bible – people will not know that God condemns usury/interest. It is usury or interests (really one and the same) that is destroying economies like Greece, Spain, and indeed, the rest of the world. People who don’t believe in the Bible will not read the solution; when nations get themselves into debt like this (through unbiblical living) that such debt should be cancelled. That includes private, corporate and government.

One way to get people to turn to the Bible is through the flat earth truth. If you are familiar with the history of the flat earth, you’ll know that those of the late 19th and early 20th Century were Bible believes – you can read some of their booklets and pamphlets on this site.

In short, this is what I believe is going on with the “disclosure of aliens” and how it relates to the flat earth.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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