How did YouTube Help Spread The Flat Earth?

How did YouTube Help Spread The Flat Earth?

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  From the leftist controlled BBC, is the headline: Flat Earth: How did YouTube help spread a conspiracy theory?

This mainstream news site is actually afraid of the spreading of the flat earth news. According to their short article, the sited another article that interviewed people who attended a flat earth conference where most people found out about it through YouTube.

BBC displayed their shock when YouTube was used as a platform to spread the flat earth facts, as we know them. Well, that was back about 5 years ago! Sadly, they are not doing it any more, as they deliberately changed their algorithm to give you the opposite of what you are looking for, or to give you only sites that are critical of the flat earth.

The proof that their algorithms were changed to reflect THEIR worldview and not that of people searching for the flat earth. Five years ago people were able to find what they wanted when they type is something like: flat earth theory? They found relative articles, but not any more. You type in the same information now and you find critics of the flat earth. I’m sure you remembered what you typed five years ago and what you found, verse now. Proof that the criteria of YouTube’s algorithm has changed when it comes to the flat earth.

“The Google-owned company says it’s taking action to prevent conspiracy videos from reaching large numbers of people.”

This dimwit reporter, Marco Silva, and his handlers, are actually proud of the fact – “we must stop these people who even question the official narrative”. Yet, on the other hand, they SAY they support freedom of the press. But we know that it’s only what they believe and not what people who are searching for the truth believe.

The link in the below link leads to another article in which they said that the attendees of the flat earth conference were won over by the arguments, yet the writer said YouTube has to do a better job in assuring people get accurate information! LOL. If people got information that won them over – so what’s the problem? Of course, we know what the problem is, and that is the government and media don’t want people to judge for themselves.

While we are on the subject of Big Tech control, let’s not stop with the flat earth topic. Anything that is considered “controversial” is being hidden in search result of Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. These other topics (that I won’t get into detail here) are being covered up; covered up by either closing the accounts or, if the accounts are hosted on their own private website, they come up much, much lower on search results – if people are doing organic searches.

So, think of a “taboo” subject, think of something that is not “politically correct,” think of some Christian topic that is not discussed even in churches today. You can be sure places like YouTube have already changed their algorithms for them OR are working on them.

While it’s true you can still find flat earth videos on YouTube, you have to find them by being specific, such as typing in the name of a famous flat earther, like Rob Skiba. That is, UNTIL they close their accounts. For now, flat earth is not at the top of their most hated list, but given time, it will be.

Fortunately, there are other platforms that are online that don’t control what you see. However, the number of people who know about them is much, much smaller than the Big Tech ones.

This other article goes on:

“Believing the Earth is flat is of itself is not necessarily harmful, but it comes packaged with a distrust in institutions and authority more generally,”

This is the key, this is what the slave masters are afraid of – the distrust of institutions and authority. Well, good Christians should distrust them! Did not Christ tell us that if we are friends of the world, we are the enemies of God? And, why did Christ say the world? Was it just for a few bad institutions? No, I believe because the whole system is thoroughly corrupt that it constitutes the whole world.

What we should do is search the other areas where truth is covered up. Now that you know about the flat earth, and this is your first conspiracy topic, there is much more you’ll find that is covered up. I’ll let you do your own research but, for starters, just type in something that is opposite of being politically correct and see what comes up. Depending on what it is, you might find only critics of that topic that show up. That means that topic is given the cover-up as well. But there are still some topics that Google hasn’t got around to yet.

All the best in your search for the truth!

Source: BBC News at

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