Fake Stars verse Real Stars

fake stars

The fallacy of billions of stars and galaxies

Exposing the fake stars that astronomers tell us.

We all know that the reason why we have telescopes on mountains are for two reasons:

  • There is less atmosphere/pollution
  • There are no city or road lights
  • The light close by will drown out weaker light that is further away

As a teenager I had a telescope and looked at the moon and stars from my backyard. Of course, what could be seen was mainly the moon as there were the ambient lights from the road. We all know and were told in school that lights from the road and homes will block the view of the stars, so that is why observatories have their mammoth telescopes on mountains. Well know and understand this. However, I thought that the so-called stars from trillions of miles away would be impossible to be seen – IF, they were trillions of miles away  away.

If, what we are told is true, that there are trillions of stars, how can we see these stars? If you were to set up a telescope that you know can see the Big Dipper but you set it up where there are street lights, you won’t be able to see them. Now, you know that it’s strong enough to see these stars but you can’t now. We know the reason is – that there are other lights, closer by, that is drowning out the light from the stars. Yet, if you look at some of the photos of the universe we are given, you’d see lights of various magnitudes. In fact, you’d see galaxies of lights and some of them have bright sections that go far beyond the range of an ordinary star. (That is a subject for another article.)

exposing fake stars

Yet, we are shown pictures of other galaxies that are further away. So, I’d like to ask the astronomers, “How in the heck can you take pictures through all the light that is in the forefront?” The fact is that they can’t, because we are not shown “photos” but computer generated images.

In other words the only way that these pictures could be real would be if light defied the laws of physics in order to shine through and be captured by telescopes on earth. How can a star behind a huge “galaxy” shine through? How can one galaxy shine through another? How can anything shine through one of these masses of coloured lights that take up a large section of a galaxy (as pictured above)?

In reality, if there really was a universe that contained trillions of stars and billions of galaxies, we wouldn’t be able to see them. As the lights from those closest to us would wash all the light from behind it – just as you have with street lights washing out the stars lights that would normally be seen in a telescope.

All of this proves, at least to me, that the stars we do see are close by; they are within the firmament and they number in the thousands not millions – certainly not trillions. And, that for galaxies – they are all created by graphic artists or by computer. Yes, stars are real – but they are not burning suns – they are points of light. They are something else then just lights, as the Bible tells us that the stars sang with joy after the creation of the earth. And, as far as the galaxies, there isn’t even one. There isn’t even the Milky Way – as that was created in the mind of some godless man.

In short, it’s impossible to see so much light – even by the strongest telescopes. Another “nail in the coffin” of heliocentric believers.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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