Typical Objections The Flat Earth

Here are some objections to a flat earth. This was actually sent by a reader. I’ll do my best to answer them. You’ll probably find more detailed objections in many of the flat earth videos that are posted on the internet and what are on Christian Flat Earth Ministry blog site right here. So, here goes…

Q: If the world is flat, why do objects appear over the horizon?

Objects ‘appear’ over the horizon because they come into view, not because they came over the curve. It’s the law of perspective – your eyes can only see so far.

Q: Do you really believe every space mission ever was just a conspiracy?

The quick answer is, ‘Yes.’ People, in general believe that someone lied when the lie is small. That’s because they make small lies themselves. But they believe a big lie because they don’t think that anyone would lie on such a grand scale only because they would never do it. Thus, it’s hard for people to believe that a whole space agency (NASA), that the educational system and that governments would lie. People typically think, ‘They wouldn’t lie to us.’ Thus, they fall for the big lie.

By the way, do a YouTube search on: fake moon landing

Q: What would space agencies and increasingly private space projects have to gain by faking the entire thing?

There are several reasons for this, they include: to make money from us, to have us believe that we evolved from apes and that man has ‘all the answers.’

NASA gets billions of dollars per year. Some of this is spent to ‘put on a show’ but the majority of it goes in their pockets. Most people can’t accept that. I understand people doubting this when the lie is so monstrous. Surely, the average person would think that they would be found out. When you have powerful people and you use some of that money to ‘grease the hands’ of others – people keep their mouths shut. In government, employees have to sign ‘non-disclosures’ in order for them to keep their mouths shut.

But one thing you should keep in mind is, that your flat earth research should be based on facts of physics. Don’t base the flat earth on ‘How can so many people be on the “take.”  Base this on facts, such as, ‘Water can not stay on a ball and that includes the globe earth.’ Once you examine that, then what the rest the government tells us MUST be a lie.

It would be a vast waste of money and human resources to fake building the International Space Station.

Not when the money comes from the taxpayers.

The Soviet Union was deeply humiliated after being beaten in the race to the Moon. It would have been easy to admit that there had been a conspiracy and spacecraft did not go around the Earth.

The Soviet Union knew about the true nature of the earth; they had their fake orbiting around the earth. So, they, too, kept their mouths shut. Remember, Russia was, at that time, was an Anti-Christ communist system and the central part of their philosophy is ‘that there is no God, that Christ did not exist and the Bible is not true.’ They were a big supporter of what Charles Darwin wrote – that we evolved from lower forms of life. If the facts of the flat earth were told; that there is a dome over us and that above this dome is Heaven itself, it will throw out the whole evolution lie in one fatal blow. This, they can’t have, so Soviets were more than willing to go along with it. To make all this heliocentric universe look real they have to make it look like there are space missions, International Space Station, trips to Mars, new planets found, ad nausea.

The ‘outer space’ we are presented with is nothing more than computer generated images (CGI). For example, to make a ‘space station’ could cost $50,000, but this is nothing with the billions dollars they receive for funding every year. A very nice profit indeed!


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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