Christians Who Are Wilfully Ignorant About the Flat Earth

There are Christians who are wilfully ignorant about the flat earth. Why is this? I can think of several reasons.

  • They are afraid of what others will think
  • They are mentally lazy and don’t want to do the work
  • They don’t think it’s important for whatever reason
  • They have another agenda – in short they are really not a Christian to begin with

I hope you are not one of the above. I understand if you don’t believe in the flat earth or if you never heard of the arguments about it. If the latter is the case, there is plenty of information right here for you to read and to consider.

This article will focus on those who do know that the earth is flat and what to watch out for for those who are not honest with themselves. If you are not convinced that the earth is flat – all well and good – as this article will be very helpful when you are dealing with others. By using the guideline below, you’ll know if the speaker is telling you the truth – not only on the flat earth topic but on ANY topic – biblical or secular. For, there are certain behaviors dishonest people are engaged in when they don’t want you to learn the truth. Knowing what they are, knowing what questions to ask and comments to make will keeping you from falling for a lie.

This article will focus on the flat earth but keep in mind it can be applied to any topic. The person who is not honest about the flat earth will:

  • not want you to read flat earth material
  • not answer difficult questions
  • engage in name calling
  • argue on a minor topic
  • will fret of the detail and ignore the main points
  • need the answer to 100 questions when answering a couple of them will prove the point
  • cut someone off in their talk
  • insult you or insinuate that you are “stupid”
  • become hostel when you don’t agree
  • diverts the question or make light of it and moves on
  • does not back up what he says with facts

I have seen a couple of these traits come up by a Christian who slams flat earth believers. Though this man knows his Bible in many other areas he is, in my opinion, wilfully ignorant when it come to the flat earth.


About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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7 Responses to Christians Who Are Wilfully Ignorant About the Flat Earth

  1. Leo Wong says:

    Some of us Christian flat immovable Earthers have heard of “Christian” authors/commentators such as Kent Hovind, Mike Hoggard, Doug Hamp, and Zachary Bauer to name just a few who don’t believe like us and say that Bible verses that purportedly refer to a flat stationary Earth are poetic and allegorical and not to be taken literally. They then warn us that flat earth talk is divisive within the church and distracts from the Gospel message. Lastly, they assert that it isn’t really important whether Earth is a sphere or is flat.

    First off, like us, these four men were brought up in the American school system where there’s a globe in every classroom starting in kindergarten. They all took science classes where Copernicus’s ball earth was presented as a “fact” and they all were taught that “Sir” Isaac Newton was a “Christian” (he was in fact a Freemason) who invented gravity to explain why people in Australia and the trillions of cubic meters of ocean water don’t fly off into outer space. These men watched science fiction movies such as Star Trek and Star Wars and they believed NASA’s claim that men landed and walked on the moon. In essence, they are like us in that Satan has brainwashed us to his clever lies in order to hide God.

    The global Freemason elite learned from their master Satan (who believes the Bible) that Earth is flat and immovable and that a solid clear dome shape impenetrable firmament covers the entire circular Earth which rests on a 4-corner foundation. In Operation Fishbowl, the US military tried to nuke the firmament hoping to puncture it. They failed and later, the firmament was named the Van Allen Radiation Belt. The global Freemason elite eat drink and are hedonistically merry for tomorrow they shall die, however their scientists believe they can prolong their lives. The elite have lied to us about “everything”. Their lies keep us all in check. The want to kill off all but 500,000 to serve as their slaves.

    The Bible says the firmament divides the water above from the water below. God the Father and Jesus live in a watery Heaven and God’s throne is situated directly above the firmament at the center of Earth known as the North Pole. There’s no South Pole but rather a 50,000+ mile circumference 200 ft high ice wall (that is called Antarctica which isn’t a continent) that holds all the ocean water within like a bathtub. The international community forbids independent journeys into Antarctica because they had discovered the base of the firmament and don’t want the world’s population to know that we’re all prisoners of God.

    How would the knowledge that Earth is actually flat and immovable and is covered by an impenetrable dome affect the 7.8 billion inhabitants? Many atheists would wail knowing that God does exists. If they don’t turn to Jesus and accept his gift of soul salvation and eternal life, they will become totally lawless and live the hedonistic lifestyle to the fullest. Anarchy will abound everywhere. Riots will break out. People would quit their jobs. Schools and universities will be deserted as students find out that there’s no outer space, no life out there, and astronomy and rockets are fake. Humanity has no future. Vigilante groups would seek out the global Freemason elite in order to hang and shoot them. Each man, woman and child will live for self. Phony Christians will become disillusioned and some will behave like the atheists.

    It does indeed matter if Earth is actually flat and immovable and escape through the firmament is not possible.


    • revealed4you says:

      Thank you for your well written and thoughtful reply. I hope many others read this, too.


    • Jeffrey Bonanno says:

      I could not agree more with your assessment on the present circumstances that have been laid at our feet and the current situation which has been left in our hands. I have only a few questions for you regarding the more detailed aspects of the shape of Earth and even less so about the validity of the claims made on either side of the “Factual Accuracy vs. Allegorical Metaphors” arguments, which are presented and given to us in “The Holy Bible”. Based solely upon your personal perspective, how much of what we know can be lifted directly from the words of God, and to which modernized publication of the ‘living word of the lord’ would have the most highly anointed message and canonical truths illuminated throughout it’s covers…(“The Old Testament/Torah”, “The New Testament/Holy Bible”, “The KJV”, “The Kabbalah/Printed Protocols of the Elders of Zion/Talmud”, “The Quran/Koran”)? I only ask because of the litany of available places to draw from and the eerie similarities between so much of the informational gaps, as well as, the strikingly congruent fundamental basis’ of nearly ALL of their bibliographically referenced source material. It would seem to me that there should be more than one area of spiritually divine knowledge that we cast our nets out into, with the oceans of sub-textual synchronicity and typically graphic verbosity of we are left to fish the truth from out. Thank you for taking the time to get this far and i do hope this query finds you well. All of the best in your knowledgeable quests… Sincerely
      Jeffrey D. Bonanno


      • revealed4you says:

        Thank you for your thoughts – I see that it’s quite lengthy. I hope that I’ll be able to answer your question but to make it short, we should use the whole Bible to understand the nature of God. The Torah is just the first five books of the Bible, as you know. As to what Bible to use, I believe that the 1611 King James version is the best. But also at the top is the Geneva Bible. The reason why the Geneva Bible was replaced is that it had commentaries that were against the Monarchies of the world. Make sure you see the video I have posted about Ivan Pannin’s work to understand that we can depend on the KJV (which includes the Bible in other languages that is based on it). God bless.

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    • Dick Sexton says:

      Some fundamental reasons Christians reject biblical flat earth: (1) pastors who teach from modern bibles; (2) failure to read and study any bible; and (3) inability to critical think. Challenging one’s beliefs by examining the facts is the only way to arrive at truth.


  2. Tom says:

    One mark of a true Christian is love of truth wherever it may lead. As time moves on and truth has a heart that is willing to accept rather than remain “willfully ignorant” a new beauty emerges and an eternal hope is even more appreciated, at the same time the utter depravity of man is revealed and is saddening, that is a major reason for certain people to remain unaccepting of truth.
    Truly remarkable considering they would rather choose to believe they live in a fictional imaginary place and to not know where they actually are is astounding, all we can do is thank God for opening our eyes and hope he open many more to the full beauty of His creation.


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