Scrubbing Nordic History By Destroying Ancient Artifacts

Scrubbing Nordic History By Destroying Ancient Artifacts

This video is about how the Swedish Government is destroying ancient artifacts using the excuse of “cost” to have archaeologists come in. When, in reality, the reason is to destroy the history of our White heritage. This is not an isolated problem but one that is happening in other White Christian nations of the world. You will NOT find this in non-white nations as that would be “racists” if they destroyed their ancient objects!

Even if a museum has enough of whatever artifact that has been discovered, is still no reason to destroy these old objects. IF that was the case, they should be given to collectors and dealers; they will gladly take them off the government’s hands. In fact, they will even pay (at a reasonable price) for such objects. Those from the Viking Age will go for even more money. So, the excuse that it’s “too costly” to have all the objects classified is a lie!

There can never be enough of old objects. Even IF museums have enough, there are thousands of collectors that would like to add them to their collects. With more availability, and costs being reasonable, it would attract more collectors. Then, there are those who collect for investment purposes that would love to add it to their portfolio.

The reason reason why this destruction is going on is, that they want to eliminate the White culture of our history.

In England, one of the many ways that they are destroying their Saxon culture is that liberals don’t like the black face that is used on the Morris Dancer; they don’t like the word “Black Country” being used. The reason why “Black Country” came about had nothing to do with the Blacks but because it was an industrial area and there was a lot of black suet. Of course, the Communist Left was told about this, they know about this, but they ignore it and want to make it a racist thing.

How some people are fighting back is, that metal detector hobbyists are keeping quite; putting the artifacts in their collection or selling them off to other collectors.

How far will this madness go? I won’t be surprised that, in a few years, the museums themselves will destroy what they have – as being “too racists.” If you look at what ISIS done in Syria, they destroyed ancient monuments. And with them entering our former White Christian nations “as persecuted refugees,” they will soon demand that our museums destroy the Aryan culture that is displayed there, too!

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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