Dope-ocracy, Part 2

Dope-ocracy, Part 2

Mass Murder Under the Influence Is a Global Epidemic

If you think this is only a problem in America, think again:

Japan, 2001: Mamoru Takuma, 37, went into a second-grade classroom and started stabbing students. Can you imagine the terror in this classroom? He killed eight second-graders with a knife. SSRI’s found in his car.

The Port Arthur massacre of 28 April 1996 was a killing spree in which 35 people were killed and 23 wounded, mainly at the historic Port Arthur prison colony, Australia. Martin Bryant, a young man from, ironically, New Town, was apprehended and imprisoned. This incident set up the even more historic Australian gun grab, as it certainly shocked a nation into providing a pretext for giving up their guns.

As it turned out, Martin Bryant, had severe mental problems. He was also taking psychotropic drugs. The Murdoch press reported of his parents, “They were coping with his bouts of anger by giving him Prozac.” Here is a timeline of Martin Bryant’s killing spree, asking the question, “How can a mentally impaired person systematically execute all of these people?” A government psyop is highly suspected, especially in the foreglow of the Australian gun grab!

Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass-killer, whoo killed 77 people in his killing spree, was on steroids – and what else, we don’t know. The Mass Media is not interested in telling us about any drugs involved. Breivik stated to the court, “Normally, I’m a very nice person.” So, what other drugs was he taking? Inquiring minds want to know what the media is not telling! I’m sure there is a witch’s brew specifically designed for Manchurian candidates: brainwashing, hypnotism and drugs.

This is a global phenomenon; but America is the most targeted, for reasons relating to the Second Amendment.

Open the Silent Curtain

These incidents are just a few of the hundreds that are reported. There are perhaps thousands of these violent incidents that go unreported nationally and internationally.

Ann Blake Tracy, Ph.D., author of Prozac: Panacea or Pandora?, researched 32 murder/suicides that involved women and their children. Her research has determined that in 24 of these 32 cases, the women were taking Prozac or another SSRI.

It is known that one-third of bipolar patients react negatively to antidepressants. With such a high ratio, you would think doctors would use another form of treatment. But, remember, modern MD’s have become drug pushers, so don’t expect any change in protocol soon. These are the “sorcerers” of Rev. 18:23. The fact is that the drug manufacturers have a sty full of lawyers, whose job it is to protect the billions of dollars these corporations make annually, at the expense of public safety. It is very important to the legal drug cartel that you remain ignorant of the dangers. You may be the next victim of a drug-induced “hostility event.”

In the movie, “Jaws,” the plot was made interesting by having the local town suppress the news of shark attacks, so as not to scare tourists away from the beautiful beaches. If we were to make a movie about the drug involvement in these famous killings, the title would be “Dr. Psycho and Mr. Thug.”

As writer, Rob Waters reports:

In the early 1990s, Eli Lilly, the maker of Prozac, started the practice of aiding district attorneys who were prosecuting defendants who blamed the drug for their acts of violence. Lawyers for Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, later created a “prosecutor’s manual” for the same purpose.

The Zoloft manual itself is a closely held secret — and Pfizer has fought hard to keep it that way.

In 2001, a widow sued Pfizer because her husband shot and killed himself after six days on Zoloft. Her lawyers discovered in Pfizer’s records a reference to a document called “prosecutor’s manual,” and requested a copy.

Pfizer fought the request, claiming it was privileged information between the company and its attorneys. The judge allowed the manual to be introduced — noting it was designed to prevent “harm to Pfizer’s reputation” if a defendant successfully raised “a Zoloft causation defense” — but he agreed to thereafter seal the manual and keep it out of the public record.

James Hooper, an attorney for Pfizer, says that “in rare cases” the company’s attorneys have provided the manual to prosecutors if a defendant “is attempting to blame some sort of criminal behavior on the medicine.”

So, if you’re considering filing a lawsuit over a fatality or injury caused by SSRI’s, better make sure you have a few million dollars to spare, to protect yourself from a counter-suit!!! These tactics are only a hair’s-breadth away from a mafia-style hit. There’s not much difference between being literally killed versus financially ruined by a drug company. Some would prefer a quick death.

The Silent Curtain: Mass Media Is Complicit

I’m afraid that the current rash of shootings will continue to be blamed on “guns.” Don’t expect the gun-grabber lobby to join us in this anti-drug crusade. This killing spree actually suits the gun-grabber/lawyer lobby (who are very much allied with Big Government, Big Pharma, and Big Media), because they can keep us all trembling with horror stories about gun violence, while distracting you from the real problem, and the real Evil Empire of Legal Drugs. When the government legally protects an industry from accountability, then disaster is not far behind. We are seeing this disaster unfold. How long will Mr. and Mrs. America be fooled by this organized terror campaign?

The same group (George Orwell’s Big Brother) that wants to dope you up also wants to undermine the Second Amendment. We are dealing with a Beast that creates artificial problems and then “solves” these contrived problems for us by instituting repressive laws. Via the artifice of gradualism, tyranny marches on. Our rights and freedoms are being chipped away by the government and the legal drug lords. Ironically, these same corporate dope-pushers do not hesitate to criticize the Nazis for their suspect usage fluoride and other drugs against the prison population. No shortage of hypocrisy here! These people need to look into the mirror and see the exact resemblance. And Americans need to look back at history and see that the gulags are not far behind.

There’s a Killer on the Loose

Dr. Frankenstein’s List of Psychotropic Killers:

Eric Harris – Prozac and Luvox.

Dylan Kliebold – Paxil and Zoloft.

Jared Lee Loughner – the AZ killer, Prozac.

Kip Kinkel – Prozac.

Joseph Wesbecker – Prozac.

James Holmes, the Aurora CO killer – Prozac.

Adam Lanza – Fanapt


The pharmaceutical companies may be catching a lot of flak, as Americans are beginning to wake up to the drug connection in all of these mass killings. It’s not the guns, stupid, it’s the drugs:

“No psychiatric drug ads on CNN after Newtown shootings”:

Today, while I was looking up some of the individual cases of these dope-driven killers, my computer screen was peppered with unsolicited ads for Prozac and other drugs. Can’t get away from it, folks! It’s everywhere!! Sort of makes you feel like a small clown in a giant drug circus. Got some Quaaludes, man?

If you or your child is taking anti-depressants, you should seriously consider stopping the program…immediately. If you are depressed, go outside and exercise. If you know of someone who is on SSRI’s, and you notice dramatic mood changes, you should intervene immediately. The life you save may be your own. Print out this article, take it to your doctor’s office, and tell him to provide a safe alternative, like healthy food, vitamins and exercise. Drugs are NOT the answer!!!

I’m afraid there’s still a killer on the loose, and it’s not guns. He’s a cousin of Dr. Frankenstein and that surgeon, Jack the Ripper. Instead of a dingy old castle, the “Doctor” has a big factory and posh offices. His profession victimizes patients to the tune of nearly 800,000 people year – that means deaths, not injuries. That is the number of victims who die annually from malpractice in America. His name is Dr. Psycho Frankenstein, and his salary is paid by the US government.

America is undergoing an EPIDEMIC OF DRUG-INDUCED TERROR, and your most trusted “doctors” and “news” sources are its facilitators. Since the government is not going to do anything about this legalized murder spree, it may be time for the villagers to get out their clubs, pitchforks, axes and shotguns and have a good, old-fashioned vigilante uprising! Dr. Psycho Frankenstein is getting nervous! He has too much invested to turn back now! It is time for the villagers to storm Dr. Frankenstein’s castle!

Smash the Pharmakeia/Big Brother (“Have Paxil, will kill”) New World Order!

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