Fake Beyond Imagination!

Fake Beyond Imagination!

The Control Panel of the International Space Station

We have all seen the International Space Station pictures (ISS). Looking at their controls, it’s fake beyond imagination! Yet, they get away with it. I don’t know what’s more laughable – the “instruments” or people taking it seriously!

On any other control room – whether it be on a submarine, ship or airplane, you don’t have lose wires.

You don’t have wire lose, especially in supposedly zero gravity where people can easily get their foot caught and pull something out.

The so-called control room, or whatever they call it on the ISS, would not even be accepted on a B rated Si-Fi film. Think about it: in science fiction films, the instruments, while not good, is a lot better than on the ISS. On a good made space film, the “controls” look pretty good.

Take a look at the instruments on any jet, what do you see? You see dials of various descriptions with numbers on it, labels over the dials, lights, switches. But what do we see here? Something that comes from a junk yard and just thrown together. You don’t see any dials, lights and switches.

So, you might ask (for sceptic flat earth believers), “Why are they made like this?”

First, we can’t deny that such fakery is used, as we see the photos on TV and the internet. We know that NASA has billions of dollars when all you need is a couple of thousand dollars to make a life-like scene. So, why is everything so fake?

The only reason is, that the Masons/antichrists who control this want to know what they can get away with. They also have a believe in their satanic religion that they must reveal something to clear themselves of any wrong doing. Some of the fake photos we see, such as of Earth, could be done by someone that works in NASA doesn’t believe this, so, he just plants some “Easter eggs” for people to see, with the hope that some people will wake up to the lies.

Maybe I should not say the following, as it will give NASA think that they should make the stage set more believable. If these astronauts were really in weightless space here is what they would have in the control room:

  • chairs fasten down with a seat-belt on them
  • computers that are fasten down
  • anything else that is lose strapped down

So, if astro-nots have to work on something, he won’t be floating around, the computer going in another direction – thus making it much easier to do work. Really, how in the world can anyone type on a laptop that is moving along with the person? It would be impossible! Yet, this is what we see in some of the so-called video feeds from space. It’s really funny when you think about it!

What do we see as the experiment or control centre? We see all the wires not protect, with some wiring too much that it’s rolled up. We also see what looks like laptops floating about; the screens we do see are blank.

The wall just looks like sheet metal with no insulation; no ducts for heating and cooling to protect the astro-nots.

Just by looking at the interior of the ISS should tell people that this is all a fake. If they saw this in a science fiction film, they would see how fake it is. Yet, when NASA shows it, they believe everything is true and would get mad if you don’t believe it. In short, if the media claims it’s true, it automatically over rides a person’s common sense and they believe it.




How a real control panel looks like.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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2 Responses to Fake Beyond Imagination!

  1. doctorlambda says:

    I remember in one video someone saying that they need to be extremely careful with water because due to the lack of gravity and the electronics water is very dangerous in the ISS. I think that he was even talking about special procedures to keep water from leaking out. And in another video a female astronaut is playing with water bubbles letting them freely fly loose in the ISS near electronics. I guess that she missed the memo.


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