Evidence of Global Flood

Evidence of Global Flood

As flat earth believers, I think our people should know about Noah’s Flood, since this is a major cataclysmic even that happened to the earth.

This video also covers the objections that evolution’s would have.

There is a big split in Christianity as to the Flood being local or word-wide. You’ve heard the local argument, now listen to the world-wide argument.

Those who oppose the world-wide flood is because it would not account for the different races we have today. The problem is, that they haven’t thought that other races were brought on the Ark, too. Then, after the flood you have some people mixing outside of their race, which does not produce another race but a hybrid.

If you notice, those who advocate the local flood theory, thy DON’T answer the simply biblical statements that you see in the beginning of this video. Some examples are:

Why did God have Noah and his family cross over the mountains instead of building a ship that took 100 years to complete?

Why would the animals have to be saved when there were plenty more on the othher side of the hills?

Why did God have a rainbow to indicate there would not be another flood (world-wide), when, in fact there have been many more local floods?

How can there be water of several meters over the highest hill, when, in reality, there would have to be some higher that contains the water?


Here is another video with additional information to support a world-wide flood:

I would like to make a comment about the last part of the video. Where it says about other tribes in different parts of the world, their local tradition says that some people survived by being on a raft for several months; other tribes say that man was saved in on ‘floating box.’ Yes, these races have their traditions that was handed down thousands of years, but like everything that is handed down verbally, facts are left out and other information is inserted.

My explanation of this is, that these other races came far and wide, like the animals, and entered into the ark. Then, when the animals were released, they too travel to different lands. The stories that were told was put into their own words; to their limited knowledge and that is why they used words like ‘floating box.’ As for stories where a few survivors lived on a raft for several months were simply not true. The main reason is, that God said ALL flesh died on the earth (except those that were on the Ark). God does NOT lie so, the story of some men and women living on a raft was made up, when, in actuality, they were on the Ark. Another reason is, that you can’t live several months on raft without food and fresh water. Also, rafts can not take the high seas like a ship can, which is what the Ark was. Aside from this, this video does a good job of explaining a world-wide flood.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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2 Responses to Evidence of Global Flood

  1. Lib says:

    ciao. i am writing to you from Italy. there is no evolution, but adaptation. the different human races vary according to the place where one lives. if it is very hot and there is a lot of heat you need more melanin and larger nostrils to breathe. a hug brother.


    • revealed4you says:

      Is this suppose to be a joke? Ha, ha.
      If this was true, the blacks haven’t changed in the northern climates as all their characteristics are still the same. You can’t use those of a mixed race as an example, as they get some of their characteristics from the other parent.


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