What Made Christians Believe In A Flat Earth?


(Note: This is more of a homework assignment rather than an article that tells you everything. Enjoy!)

What made Christians believe in a flat earth – as the one that you see here? What made the ancient Israelites (as opposed to Jews) believe in a flat earth?



In this picture you see:

  • a flat earth
  • a dome structure
  • waters beneath the earth
  • stars in the firmament
  • foundations of the earth
  • God in heaven above the firmament

A simple answer as to how the ancient Israelites/Christians believe as they did was because they believed what God wrote (inspired men). They searched the scripture for other verses with the key words. Also, there wasn’t the false prophets that you see on TV today that influenced their study. They used logic in their research. Finally, they did care or know of “political correctness’.”

So, how can you confirm this and come to the same conclusion as the above picture? Here are some simple things to keep in mind.

Just do a word search with such words as:

  • Heaven
  • earth
  • firmament
  • sun
  • moon
  • stars

If you have a Bible software program, such as e-sword that you get from e-sword.net you can get this for free. Then it’s very easy to find all the relative verses. Write down all the key characteristics

Doing a search on each word, you’ll have a good idea of how our little universe really looks like.

When you do your research in the bible, your model of heaven and earth should come close to what you see pictured here. Finally, when you read secular articles or watch videos on the flat earth, you’ll see it matches what the Bible says. In short, God did tell us much of how earth really looks like.


About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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