Christians Who Pick and Choose From The Bible

Christians Who Pick and Choose From The Bible

Continuing from the previous article where it centred on a flat earther radio guest, there are many other Christians who pick and choose from the Bible. As we discovered the flat earth for ourselves, we had learned that there are many verses in the Bible where God talks about the Sun moving, the Moon having its own light and the stationary Earth. They were there all along but we had missed them – at least I did and I’m sure many others did to.

Now, how many other biblical topics have we missed that are staring us right in the face?

We all know that there are people who want to control what we think and how we act. We know how evil these people are so it should not come as a surprise that there are many other important topics that are covered up that the Bible talks about.

If your first discovery of conspiracies and the New World Order came as a result of learning about the flat earth, there is a lot more to learn. If you already knew about the lies the government and media has told us before you discovered the flat earth – there could me much more to learn.

The people who control us not only controls the media, the government and the educational system – they also control the churches. This did not start in the past 20 years but has been going on for hundreds of years. Just look at the different versions of the Bible they have. Why do you think they have it? To make it easier to read? Hardly, looking at the King James version we know most of the words it contains – anything new we learn, just like you’d learn words as you grow up. The reason for other versions is to ‘control the narrative.’

Why do you think that the Catholic church hundreds of years ago didn’t want the people to have their own Bible? It took people like Martin Luther to get the Bible in the hands of the people. Now that the churches could stop this, they had to think of something else.

What do churches do today (including Protestant churches)? They do the following:

  • quote very little Scripture
  • quote verses out of context
  • ignore other verses
  • ignore the original Hebrew and Greek meaning of the word

…and if all this fails, they would call you a “hater, racist, xenophobic,” etc. if you believe otherwise. If you persist, the pastor would follow up by excommunicating you from the church. Remember what the Apostle Paul said, “to prove all things.”

Going to any church you’d like, whether it be Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, etc., what you hear week after week, month after month is the same narrow topic – “God is love, love is God, Christ loves everyone,” etc.

Christianity today does not offend anyone. The reason why is that it’s water downed and changed to do so. You can go out on the street and talk to anyone of another religion or to an atheist and not offend them.

Think of the time that Christ preached, think of the times of the Prophets of old preached – there were many people that they offended. These heathens were so offended that they killed the Prophets of old and, later, Christ and the Apostles; it has continued up to today. This should tell you that there is something wrong with the sermons you hear today.

Now, this short article will not go into the other cover-ups in the Bible as it would require many books to do so. You have to take this one step at a time and a good place to start is, to watch the videos posted in our Bible section that you see at the top of this blog page.

Take your time and listen to one video then pray on what you heard and ask for guidance from God if what you heard is true. Then watch other videos as time allows. What you’ll hear is not taught in churches and it’s definitely not what the NWO wants you to know. I’m sure that within a short time you’ll learn why the government doesn’t want you to know about these other Bible truths.

Each week there is another Bible sermon posted in the ‘Bible’ section of the blog. I encourage you to check them out.

While Rob Skiba, a good flat earther and Christian, talks about the giants in the Bible, there is much more that is cover up than that. Giants are the least of our worries today; this is not the most important subject that should be covered. What is more important is to know who are enemies are and the laws that we should live by. When Christians know and PRACTICE this, our lives on this flat earth will be much, much better.

Learning about the flat earth and why it has been covered up is just the beginning. You have a long journey ahead of other Truths – both biblical and non-biblical – to learn about.

God Bless you on your journey to knowing the truth.

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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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