Law is Discriminate and Intolerant

The Very Nature of Law is Discriminate and Intolerant

We hear that we should not discriminate and that we should tolerate others who have a different lifestyle than our (i.e. homosexuals). We are told that if you do, you are a hater, bigot and racist. These people of tolerance claim that they don’t have intolerance others; that they don’t discriminate. But they do – they are just hypocrites!

All laws are intolerant and discriminate – whether they be man’s laws or God’s laws. If you were to drive through a school zone where the speed limit is 20 miles per hour. That means it does not tolerate 40 miles an hour. If a policeman was watching drivers, he is able to discriminate between 20 mph and 40 mph, or at least his radar gun that does. We all accept this, but when it comes to laws against certain people and lifestyles we don’t. Why?

To answer the “why” we have to look in other areas of life. If we look at physics, we know that there are certain laws of what can and can’t be done. If you look at chemistry the same thing; at biology, the same thing. And what do scientists do? They record those laws – of what can be done – and even give it a name. An example would be, “the law of conservation of angular motion.” Now, what happens if you break one of those laws? You’ll have disaster.

So, what determines those laws of physics, chemistry and biology? Yahweh, God, who created us and everything else. Now, if a student of chemistry were to ignore one of those laws (say mixing of one kind of chemical with another, and you get poisonous gas), what would happen? Disaster and the student – who refuses to discriminate – will get killed. We might know, in our finite mind, of why this is so, but if you obey this law, we live and have a prosperous life.

We have to obey the laws of fields of science that we are talking about. And those laws are based on preceding laws that established that. And all of this goes back to Yahweh, who created these fields of science.

When we are told in the Bible that we should live under God’s laws, this is done for our own good – IF you want to have: health, peace and prosperity. Otherwise you would have chaos – which is what we see today. So, the people that are pushing all of this toleration and not to discriminate want to destroy the natural order of things. Can you think of Satan and those who follow him?

Reading through the Bible you’ll find example after example of intolerance and discrimination. Yet, the churches, who claim that discrimination and intolerance is a sin actually engage in this. For example, they preach that God’s laws are “done away with.” So, would they allow someone who preaches that we are still to obey God’s laws, statues and judgements – and show biblical support? No, they will not tolerate such preaching in their church.

The fact is, that the Leftist/Communists/antichirsts also do exactly what they claim they don’t.

Do you think that the average church will allow us to talk about the flat stationary earth? Do you think they will allow us to talk about the people who are pushing the Big Bang, spinning planets and suns? Of course not! They will not tolerate us. Even to give a talk at some collages about the flat earth, you would be heckled, laughed at and even called names.

In conclusion, we should not tolerate anything that is against God’s creation. We observe God’s creation and law in the laboratories, but not when it comes to social interaction with each other. Why? Because there is a group of people who want to see the destruction of God’s People and the setting up of His Kingdom here on earth.


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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