Satan’s Ultimate Weapons against the Bible and God

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Satan’s Ultimate Weapons against the Bible and God

Copernican heliocentricity is both the keystone and the Achilles Heel of all False Science. Without that keystone, the Pharisee Big Bang Creationist Paradigm of 15 billion years of Evolutionism cannot stand and will ignominiously collapse. [See: Keystone]

The Copernican Revolution begat the Darwinian Revolution, which, in turn, begat the Einstein, Penzias, Sagan, Hoyle/Wickramasinghe (Panspermia) Revolutions. Together they make up the Big Bang Evolution Paradigm. These wholly theoretical/religious constructs are today’s textbook “science” which defines modern man’s “knowledge” of the origin of the universe, the earth, and mankind. [See: Knowledge Impact, TSE Pt 1-Cosmic Ancestry]

Now—without objection—we all know that the most elemental and inescapable fact about knowledge is that all of its claims are built upon what one believes to be the truth about the origin of the universe, earth, and mankind. The foundation of all “knowledge” begins at the beginning. We can’t go back any further. The beginning is a “creation scenario” upon which all other “knowledge” is built. Duh…

We also know that there are only two foundational “creation scenarios”: #1) One that employed no evolution at all; #2) One that employs billions of years of evolution (with or without g’d). The God of #1 cannot be the God of #2, and vice-versa.

The God of #1 is the Biblical God. HE did not require nor use any evolution whatsoever to create all that exists in the universe and on earth in six literal days. He (#2) is the ultimate conspirator and—as g’d of the Pharisees— he has globally established his alternate creation scenario, namely; the reigning Kabbalist Big Bang Paradigm of 15 billion years of evolutionism.

It is also an incontestable fact that wholly theoretical science has been used to establish this Satan authored, Pharisee installed, evolution-based “creation scenario” as virtual ruler over modern man’s belief about the origin of all that exists. This belief dominates the media, all “education”, NASA, etc.

Nevertheless, all that is required to expose this ruling counterfeit creation model is to demonstrate that: a) It is contra-scientific by definition (Latin scri: “to know”; b) It violates observable, photographable evidence;  c) It is built on fraudulent use of math & technology; d) It is an alternate “creation” story of an anti-Bible Religion.

Let’s see not only how this works out, but also why this assumption-based mathematical model launched by Copernicus is the keystone which is supporting the entire rickety, factless, fraud-driven creation story found in the Pharisee’s Kabbala.

First we note the concepts that make up the Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm: a) billions of years; b) heliocentricity (rotating earth orbiting the sun); c) relativity; d) “big bang”; e) expanding universe; f) parallel universes and superstrings. (Note: One of these concepts is the keystone which holds all the rest together):

“Billions of years”: This is just a meaningless expression without the “big bang” and “expanding universe” to provide meaning. (Today’s 15 billion year mantra comes directly out of the 1st century Kabbalist Rabbi HaKanna’s mystic writings.)

“The Big Bang and Expanding Universe”: These concepts are 13th century Kabbalist Nachmanides’ pieces of the Pharisee “creation scenario” puzzle. They are necessary pieces to put Rabbi HaKanna’s “15.3 billions of years” into play.

“Heliocentricity”: Unlike these other concepts, this one of a rotating earth orbiting the sun provides a mathematical model which not only rejects repeated Bible teachings that it is the sun that moves, not the earth, [See: Sixty-seven References] but also transforms the earth from being the stationary center of the universe (as observed nightly [See: Size-Structure Pt 4]) to a lucky mess of flotsam captured by “gravity” like millions more “out there”… and the sun into a mediocre star amongst trillions in billions of galaxies. More, this fact-free Bible-bashing, mound of assumptions now in control of modern man’s “knowledge” of “Origins” is also found in the 13th century writings of Kabbalist Nachmanides… (over three centuries before Copernicus launched “his” Revolution!).

“Relativity”: Here is yet another 13th century Kabbalist concept found in Nachmanides’ secret writings. This one was urgently put into play in 1905-1916 via Einstein’s phony math to combat two decades of hundreds of interferometer tests which showed no earth movement.[See: Phony Math, The Earth Is Not Moving, pp.110-133]

“Parallel Universes and Superstrings”: These are more recent “creation model” concepts in the Kabbala now seeking textbook level acceptance.

Then the venerated 16th century Kabbalist Isaac Luria (contemporary of Copernicus) connected these concepts and fabricated (secretly for Kabbalist eyes only) what has now become textbook “origins science”; that is to say; a Bible-destroying—and hence a Christ destroying—alternate “creation scenario”. There is no chance that all of this could have accidentally or coincidentally have come together over many centuries to become the “knowledge” controlling and Christ destroying force that it now is. Likewise, there is no chance that the critical input by isolated Kabbalist individuals could have conceived of such a Bible-destroying plan and been motivated to bring it to near fruition that we now see.

The only explanation for the situation as it now stands is that two totally contrary and incompatible religions—both supernaturally empowered–are now approaching the Biblically foreordained climax of their age-long battle. One of these– the Christian Religion– maintains in its Bible that God created everything without evolution, and that Satan is a liar and a murderer with no truth in him. [See: John 8:44]

The other religion is the Pharisee Religion which maintains that it’s “Kabbalah predates any religion or theology”; that “the Bible’s ex nihilo creation is abhorrent to the Quabalah”; that calling “Satan the God of Evil is the essential ignorance and heresy which separates Christianity from Judaism….” That “…the Kabbalah…was only transmitted by word of mouth to a small circle of sages in each succeeding generation….That “the secret doctrines were…locked away in the brains of the priesthood and the learned….” That using “Physics…on the unseen spiritual level, Kabbalist Ashlag’s work ignited the technological explosion of the 20th century… with his concepts of relativity, space travel….“The Zohar describes the moment of creation as a Big Bang-like explosion…”etc. (Fully documented quotes)

In short, two irreconcilably antagonistic religions are described in those commentaries (and many others). Indeed, awareness of Satan’s empowerment of the Pharisee religion as the perfect agent to implement his strategy for the destruction of Bible-based Christianity has only been revealed in the last couple of decades through the Internet and some books.  Now, however, the beans have been spilled and there is no going back. The world is going to learn that the Bible-destroying alternative “creation scenario” described in detail in the “holy book” Zohar/Kabbala–and established through false science and phony math—is Satan’s premier deception.

All that remains in order to bring about the exposure of Satan’s entire edifice of deception is: a) To spread the startling fact that the sun, moon, and stars are going around a stationary Earth just as observed and just as the Bible says; b) To show that the Pharisee’s Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm–which cannot exist without the rotating/orbiting earth deception—has established that deception using false science.

The Biblical timer which God set over 1900 years ago tells us that exposure will occur “one hour” after a Global Government and its Scripture-described, Satan-empowered world-renowned Religious Leader is installed. [See: II Thess.2:3,4] In the meantime, God’s Judgment–which begins in Christian churches [See: House of God]—will focus on Creationists in their midst who—regardless of their acceptance of Heliocentricity & other false doctrines

Once this Pharisee Religious Creation Model is understood for what it is, viz., a global deception empowered by Satan and put into place by Kabbalist Pharisees using False Science to kill the Biblical Creation and its God, the mysteries about true Biblical End Time Prophesy will become starkly plain. “The war the Lamb wins”, the “Fall of Babylon” (Satan’s empire built on deception), and the separation of the world’s populations into those who get on Satan’s side  and those who get on the Biblical Creator’s side is information that is already available and ready to unmask Satan’s deceptions and fulfill God’s End Time Drama.


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