Distance of Stars Debunked, part 1

Pictured here is Kepler-47 (made in Photoshop, no less).

  Astronomer tell us that the stars are anywhere from a few light years away to billions of light years away. We are also told that all the stars are traveling at the speed of light – away from where the “Big Bang” occurred. Finally, we are told that our earth is also moving away from where the “Big Bang” occurred, while, at the same time traveling around the Sun at 67,000mph. If that wasn’t enough our solar system is traveling around The Milky Way at 500,000. Wow! Is all this true? Is all this possible? I say this is not true.

The closest star is said to be Alpha Centauri at 4.37 light years. Ursa Major group is about 80 light years. The furthest is the earliest starts that supposedly shot off during the Big Bang, being 13 billion light years, and, of course, there is all the distance in-between. For our purposes let’s just look at starts that are within 100 light years from earth. Keep this in mind as I continue…

To determine IF the stars are moving, each in their respective directions, let’s first take a look at something from home so we can comprehend all this.

Say you are looking up to your left and there is a jet plane traveling at 500mph at 1,000 feet over head, it would go by fast. Now, this same jet, going at the same speed and going in the same direction is flying at 30,000 feet; it would look like it’s flying much slower. Why? We all know that the further from us the object is, the slower it will appear. This has to do with what is called “parallax.”

Definition: Parallax is a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight, and is measured by the angle or semi-angle of inclination between those two lines. Nearby objects have a larger parallax than more distant objects when observed from different positions, so parallax can be used to determine distances.

So, seeing an object move slower that is far away does not mean that object is moving slow – we all know this.

Now, back to seeing stars at night. On a clear night and away from city lights we can see the stars move across the sky. If you were to spot the Big Dipper early in the evening, and you looked out a couple of hours later, you would see it had moved a good distance across the sky. Now, with stars being, say, 100 light years away, that is a HUGE distance. How can that much movement in a few hours be possible? They would have to be moving many, many times the speed of light. In fact, every star in the heavens would have to be moving like that. What would it be, 100 times the speed of light, 1,000 times? In short, the further away the stars are the faster they would have to move, as they all move in unison, so they would have to be moving faster.

The problem with this (and there is more than one problem) and that is, how can stars move that fast without disintegrating? How can their planet hold up to the speed of light much less 1,000 times the speed of light? In fact, how can anything withstand 500,000 mile per HOUR?

How do you determine the truth?

There are two things to consider, and this applies not only to astronomy but to any other topic you can discuss.

1 There are things that we are told

2 There are things that we experience – reality

Now, if you are into the New Ager and follower of David Icke, that there is no reality. Then the System got you! The Elite wants you to believe in no reality, that way it’s easy for you to suspend judgement – then they can tell you anything and you’ll believe anything.

I’m digressing now, so let’s get back on track…

When you are told one thing and you experience another, take the experience as evidence and you’ll be on the right track. (This is not an optical illusion, so we can rule this out.)

“So, where are the stars?”

Well, they have to be a lot closer than what we are told. Now we are TOLD something else, that the stars range in size from something smaller than our Sun, which we are TOLD is about 800,000 miles in diameter to starts that are millions of miles in diameter. (Our Sun is small, so we are told.) Now, with stars that size, they can’t be close or they would be touching each other, and if they are real close – even right out side of our solar system – then we would burn up.

So, we have to settle the size of the stars, what are they exactly and how far (rough approximate) they are from the earth.

One thing that we have determined is that these stars are not billions of light years away, they are not millions or even thousands of light years away. They are much, much closer but I’ll leave that for another article, so check on this blog for that article Distance of Stars Debunked, part 2.

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6 Responses to Distance of Stars Debunked, part 1

  1. there is no “scientific evidence” for distance to the stars;
    “cosmology” is an out-and-out pseudo-science;
    many of these anti-God ‘sciences’ are, indeed, as the Holy Bible says, science falsely so called;
    they do not conform to “the scientific method” ;

    ☞the easiest ‘debunk’ is:
    “outer space” is a logical, ludicrous absurdity;
    it violates two major, natural laws:
    i/the 2ⁿᵈ Law of ThermoDynamics
    ii/Boyle’s Law of Gases;

    𝓋𝒾𝓏: a pressurised system cannot exist next-to-a-vacuum;
    gas, under pressure, must be confined to a container

    case 𝐂𝐋𝐎𝐒𝐄𝐃 on “outer space” 𝕏

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  2. James says:

    just because I turned my head, doesn’t mean that everything in my field of view (ie. stars) moved thousands of miles across the sky.


  3. Eddie says:

    Great poost thank you


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