Flat Earth Questions 9 June

Flat Earth Questions 9 June

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  Here are some flat earth questions that I read recently. I notice that the people had not really thought through what they asked.

I’ll answer them as if I was talking to them, so don’t take this personally. I’ll use the word “you” as if I were talking to them.

Question by DM

Why do flat Earthers think water (and people) would fly off a spinning Earth due to

centrifugal force? (After all, you could sit on the edge of a merry-go-round that

rotated once in 24 hours and barely feel a thing.)

Let me ask you a question. What is the diameter of the merry-go-round? What is the diameter of the Earth (as globe earthers believe)? It’s about 8,000, verses a merry-go-round that could be, say, 30 feet. There’s a big difference. If you were to have a line of people that was 4,000 miles long (using the radius), the person in the centre would move very little, while the person on the end would have to more about 1,000 mph! At that speed everything would fly off, including homes and office buildings!

Experiments have been done with water in a tank and put on a turning platform; even a at a few miles per hour the water pushes up to the side. Naturally you would not feel anything on a merry-go-round that turns once a day but on a ball that is about 8,000 miles in diameter is another story.

by JW

How do flat Earthers expect to convince me if they never answer sincere questions I ask them such as why the disc-shaped Sun doesn’t appear like an ellipse when it’s far away?

Anything on the horizon will take on a different shape because of looking through more atmosphere, which is denser at ground level verse look up. Also, you have much more radiant heat coming off the Earth which distorts images and you have more pollution particles.

Now, back to, “expect to convince me if they never answer sincere questions I ask them…” doesn’t make sense. So, in other words, you ask “someone” at “some time” on “some platform” and you didn’t get an answer, so that is your reason for excusing a whole field of science? Have you ever thought of looking that the many, many answers to the many questions that were asked by others and that were answered? That should be enough.


How do proponents of the flat Earth model explain car odometer readings for southern driving routes that come out more consistent with the spherical Earth model than with the flat Earth model?

Let me ask you a question. How do proponents of the globe Earth model explain that there are no differences in odometer readings for southern driving? You might have read something to that effect and you assumed it was true. Have you ever been south of the equator? Have you ever driven there? Well, I have and I tell you from reality – there is no difference in odometer readings!



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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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