Pharaoh’s Chariot And Army Found In Red Sea

Parallels of the Exodus and Today

  Last week I posted two videos of Pharaoh’s Army found in the Red Sea and I made a little comment, but since than I saw the parallels of the Exodus event with today.

In this day and age with all the evil that is surrounding us, Christians think of how can we ever get out of this, while others give up faith altogether. Then you have some nationalist patriotic people who have good alternative news sites but they never look at God as being our Deliverer. They are not short on saying, “Vote for John Smith” of the Nationalist Party to restore our rights,” or something like this. At most, they play lip-service in saying that they are Christians.

Well, things do look depressing when you think of all the laws our respective governments have to keep us in bondage and how they are trying to murder us – and are murdering us – that there is no hope. Some say there is simply no way to get out. But I say, have hope and just think of this…

If you were in captivity under the Egyptians and were one of the several million who followed Moses, look at the position the you were in. You had nothing to sustain you, just what you carried and the clothes on your back. You had an unknown desert area ahead of you. To your right were mountains, to your left, were the garrisons of the Egyptian Army at the border, to your rear was several thousand of Pharaoh’s Army. You were completely surrounded. Then, you reached a wide beach area where you had mountains on one side and the wide Red Sea on the other side. You were in a boxed canyon like area. Pharaoh’s Army is closing in. Some of you would be slaughter while others would be led captive, as a slave again, back to the city. You had no weapons, no horses, no chariots. Sounds hopeless, right? It was except for the protection of the Arm Of The Lord.

When things were at it’s worse, and when God’s enemy was most confident, what happened? Yahweh, God performed a miracle and opened up the sea so the Hebrews could cross. They were saved from the Egyptian Army. But you and the multitude had other worries, such as: where would you get your food, your water, your shelter, your weapons to defend yourself?

In like manner today, it will take Christ coming with His Host of Heaven to do battle. Without Him all of mankind would perish. We have to rely on Christ and the performing of more miracles to save us.

We all know that God provided many more miracles. If he didn’t the people would have died anyhow without the Egyptian army taking them captive; they would have died right there in the desert. For protection and for a type of tool, when they entered the Promise Land 40 years later, God made sure that the weapons of the Egyptian washed up on shore for the people to collect. Then God, in His loving mercy provided, manna from Heaven (food), water, clothing that never wore out and more. All of this for 40 long years!

Now, with God doing this to His Children, don’t you think that He will do the same – and more in our time of need today? He sure will! We are surrounded by our enemy today more so than our ancestors 3,300 years ago. While the Hebrews had one enemy they had many natural elements such as mountains, desert and a deep sea but they made it.

Today, we have enemies of local, state, national government as well as chemicals, vaccines, microwaves, and chemtrails raining down on us, too. Naturally the enemies of today are cocky – think that they can eliminate us at any time they chose. Well, they have a surprise coming.

If you had watch the videos that I posted last week, you’ll know that the Exodus was true – even an atheist can’t get out of that (but I’m sure some of them will continue to lie).

Examining The Drowning Of Pharaoh’s Army

You may ask why God did put in the mind of Pharaoh to go after the Hebrews? Why didn’t he just let them go? After all, the plagues of Egypt would have left them when the slaves left. I believe that God did what He did to prove to a hard-hearted and non-believing people thousands years in the future, proof that what happened in Egypt was true, that the children of Joseph were captive.

Now, God could have just parted the sea and let His People cross over than have the sea flow again. I want to make this clear that the following are my thoughts but it makes sense of the Bible passage and gives greater meaning to it. If God just had the sea parted and than made it start flowing before the army came across, you would have skeptics say today that there is “no proof” of the Hebrews crossing. But, by keeping the sea part, made Pharaoh think that it was safe for them to cross also. If God left the sea part until the whole army crossed, there would be no remains left today for the heathen to believe; for those who call themselves Christian but don’t believe in the literal word of God.

If this happened, and for some reason the Egyptian army didn’t catch the Hebrews, they would have had boats take them back to Egypt; there would be no proof that this happened. Of course, for those who believe on faith, as we are told to, just God’s word would have been enough, but you know there are those who need more than His word.

By having the Egyptian army get trapped in the Red Sea, it allowed for the remains to be preserved – as living proof of the truth of God’s word. This preservation was possible because of coral that formed around the shape of the chariot wheels and other subject. God, in His great wisdom, when He created the world, made a plan for Earth, and saw the need to have to create coral at the Red Sea location. AND of the type of coral that forms over objects verses the kind that develops into great coral reefs. “God knows the beginning from the end”, as He tells us, and this example is proof of that.

As a final thought, I believe that the parting of the Red Sea is also used as something that only God Almighty can do and not by an act of nature. If parting of water is a natural occurrence, than where else has it happened? Where are the witnesses to it? Where is the proof? This parting of the sea can only be attributed to God.

For those who still think that “sometimes in rare occasions, the Red Sea parts” which I’ve heard as an excuse, why would the sea part at the precise time that Moses and possibly two million people crossed it? And why would it close at the exact moment that the whole army of Pharaoh was crossing it? This, the heathen can not answer!

Have faith that the God of our fathers will deliver us today!


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First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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