Another Way of Sharing the Flat Earth News

Another Way of Sharing the Flat Earth News


There is another way of sharing the flat earth news and that is with those on Quora is a program where anyone can ask any question and anyone can answer it. Then it gets shared with others on the site. If you go to the site, you’ll see how it operates. In short, you can also upload pictures and put links in your question or answer. Reading through the Help, I found out that you can ask and answer your own question, which they encourage. They figure, if you know the answer, you’d want to share it with others. So, what better way is there but to share the flat earth truth?

You can ask a question that others have never thought about and answer it, too. Get people thinking outside of the box!

There are a number of really stupid questions asked about the flat earth, and there are those who think that we believe or don’t believe in other things. Now, ignoring the stupid questions which are probably put up by people who simply don’t think or are a paid shill for the government, there is an opportunity of getting the flat earth truth out to the people. Unlike Twitter where you get nasty comments back, I have not experienced this, as yet. But if it should happen, I’ll just just ignore them.

Here is a sample of what is up on Quora today about the flat earth:

  • Do flat earthers believe in other galaxies?
  • Do flat earthers believe all planets are flat?
  • Why is there so much hate against flat earthers?
  • Do flat earthers serious believe that Earth is flat? Have any claimed to have been to the edge?
  • How do “flat-Earthers” explain that there are no photos of the edge of Earth?
  • I have a friend who keeps looking at flat earth videos and buying into it, what can I do to bring him back before it’s too late?

There are some skeptics that believe in things that we never said. One example is, one guy thinks that flat earthers don’t believe in the Antarctica. That is simply not true. It will help them if they simply watched a couple of flat earth videos or read some of the old books on the flat earth.

The Stats

The very first time I posted anything on Quora, I answered a couple of questions – they were about the flat earth and about alternative medicine. Then the next day you can find out from your Stats how many views you got. I was shocked, I received over 1,000 views and I’m completely new to this platform! So, you can reach many, many people.

In Conclusion

This is an opportunity to inform the uninformed. This is what I’m doing but I can’t do it alone. Won’t you join in?


About revealed4you

First and foremost I'm a Christian and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of Yahweh God. Introducing people to the Bible through the flat earth facts.
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